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20 SEP AT 11:24

"Overcome your fear"

The dark scares,✨
Prevents steps from moving,
Dark forest will look dreadful,
Even your own breath will stop....
when you move forward,
With fearful steps and you will see
The flag of victory....
Millions blaze will welcome you
To the secret library....
Take some time to write your fear,
Then you pick up your pen and write,
Something deep because some
Fearful steps will need them........
Now you are master of fear,
Bcz now your old fear is new chalange,
For the beginners and leave your
footprints so that they can
get strength to move on...


7 SEP AT 22:57

"Termite the depression"
Slow poison to psychic
and mental agony,
Hazarding termite to a
biological edifice,
Decimate structured
Build by brain....
Destroy power and courage,
Exploit negativity all over,
Confindence dies slowly,
Pierces the soul in thousand ways,
Sqeezes strength and capability,
True power switches into
Bad mood with sadness,
And darkness enters
To this royal Accommodation
Of patience and Sinewy...
This nasty and ugliness
Is spreading with name of
Depression to innocent minds,
Has become grave solemn to
The filthy humanity of selfishness..


3 SEP AT 18:22

"Destiny will soon find,
A new journey,
and believe me........
path will be amazing.....


27 AUG AT 11:53

when hurdles are bigger in front of the ship,
Then captain needs to be brave.......


23 AUG AT 11:47

"Macroscopic and microscopic level•°
"both contains universe within it•°
"Only Introspectionist•°
"Can wisely understand•°


22 AUG AT 9:53

°•And then soon,
You will realise,
All you cried for,
Was your stupidity,
The situation never,
Needed your precious tears....
°•At all........


15 AUG AT 10:26

"Shooting star"

In the ocean of
Luminary million pieces
Of shooting stars,

Source of energy to fulfill prayers,
Still wants to be break into smaller pieces,

Still wants to erase its existence for the sake of others,
Still alive in the lap to tears for sake of believe.


3 AUG AT 15:16

"Illusion & truth"

At edge of utmost realm of truth,
Modernism seem an illusion,

Its gelation seem to be fake,
But fiddle of rectitude will bloom soon,

And its RAfflesia will open all
blind folds to break spell,

the dynasty of deceit will step back
with falsehood finally in centenary.


30 JUL AT 4:51

Only the silence of the night,
Reveals the loneliness of the wind..

Where every leaf of tree supports the
wind to make a new tune....


26 JUL AT 19:17

Read novel of your own soul
Thats the best you can read....


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