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25 FEB AT 13:43

"The Time Cycle"

Time and time again
with swing and juncture of the rain.,

In the muddy soil
with the fragrant felicity of the lane.,

The greenish vegetation of Sarso
blazing happiness near track of train.,

Nature blaring true soul to touch
success, Bcz efforts never in vain.,

Like the ocean obliged with gems and waves
you are also obliged with counless efforts in chain.


12 MAY 2022 AT 23:31

when the wind will flow
Trust me words will glow
Then life will find shore
Through heart's bottom to core,
To put happiness on your door,

When the fate will merge
On the single utter of golden urge
Then to flow of sadness for verge
Then the path will ignite
In the tunnel of diamonds
with faith of might,


11 FEB 2022 AT 20:29

"Coordinates of parallel universe"
(dedicated to best writer SALEEM)

A journey from known to unknown,
Few coordinate i found from
an old book of my memories,
Few i found in droplets of tears,
Few coordinates got from experience,

Few were hidden in
the island of mysteries,
Few coordinates were on
the mountain of history,
Few coordinates were enjoying drizzling,
Few coordinates were confused itself,

Coordinates of the parallel universe,
From universe of thousands stars
to the universe of million of galaxies.
When collected all together,
I found a parallel universe in my soul,

It is brighter than old one,
Its a universe of million sun and moon,
It has no darkness of negativity,
Its a night full of trillion of the luminary stars, — % &


23 FEB 2021 AT 22:27

"The Royal crown"

A diadem on beautiful head
Not only to garnish & adornment,
Its royal coronation of character,
a dignify personality to bless,
To accomplish respect, power
And silver ribbon of victory,
On the welfare fortune
To affluence devine rubric,


26 JAN 2021 AT 0:13

§ "Silence"§

Silence never speaks but it always makes its existence felt, in the depth of the blue sky, depth of the ocean, beside the greenish vegetation around the lake of silver water in the blue light of the moon and beneath the trees....

Just feel silence on that icy mountain that fragrants the wind.....
where the snow is blaring you.. Where you realize the bond between you and sensuality...

its a poem of words searching lyrics for quiet music and thunder of peace but storm of meditation.....


16 JAN 2022 AT 17:20

Take a glance at the 'Mirror',
Thats reflection of 'Reality',
Not 'Shadow' or 'Blinding net'.


30 DEC 2021 AT 17:32

डगर हैं कुछ पडा़व हैं,
कठिनताओं के अडा़व हैं।।
सफलताओं के चडा़व में,
कुछ समाज का दबाव है।।

ये डगर है सत्य झूठ की,
प्रकाश की कुछ धुंध की।
हर शान्ति में बवाल है,
ये एक बडा़ सवाल है।।

डगर है कुछ सवालों की,
अनसुलझे से जवाबों की।
अगर-मगर के टालों में,
ये अज्ञानता का जाल है।।

डगर है कुछ हवालों से,
ज्ञान पर पडे़ तालों से।
खुलेंगे जो उजालों से,
शिक्षा की मशालों से।।

ये डगर है एक हिस्से की,
प्रकृति के किस्से की।
एक रहस्यमयी मिथ्या की
ये डगर है एक सृष्टि की।
अनोखी सी एक दृष्टि की।।


25 DEC 2021 AT 16:07

*).Sometimes, at some
point or the other, (*.
*).you will definitely
find yourself alone.(*.

*).That phase may depress you,
prepare yourself for that.(*.
*).Thats the toughest exam to
qualify called "exam of life". (*.

**))."If you can handle that
nothing can defeat you"(*.


22 DEC 2021 AT 11:50

We live, we face and feel,
We breath, we live and heal,
We lie, die for meal,
Where every story is like reel,

Scripted on basis of your zeal,
Its a long track of race,
Prepared definition in few days,
Where every battle is like maze,

Sometimes seem as an cage,
Its reality hidden in haze,
But this bitterness must erase,
Because life has its own craze,

"Life" is not just a word
Its real written phrase,


11 DEC 2021 AT 23:33

"कुछ यूँ"

यूँ बिना डोर उड़ चलूँ।
पर्वत से ऊपर, आसमां के नीचे
बन पतंग-पतंग, बन पतंग-पतंग।।

काले-काले बदरा में,यूँ रिम-झिम,
रिम-झिम बरखा में,कुछ बह चलूँ यूँ,
हो मगन-मगन, हो मगन-मगन।।

नीले-नीले पानी के भवसागर में,
कुछ आडी़-तिरछी तरंगों संग,
यूँ तैरुँ जैसे मगन-पवन,यूँ मगन-पवन।।

फूँलों के मतवाले झूलों पर,
दमक-दमकतीं कुसुम लताएँ,
झूलें पवन संग, यूँ सनन-सनन
यूँ सनन-सनन,


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