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8 MAY AT 14:26

-"Print me another heart"-

•°~Thunder of the clouds is less
in front of storm in it and
demolishing fort of love,
statue of respect and
cave of certitude.

•°~This castle is empty of princes,
Now this palace is turning into a block
•°~Strings of this voiline connected to
my heart has painful music,

•°~The tone of this voiline is now
coming out with sorrow and pain.
That is making people hurt,

•°~ it has capture all the rythems
deep from the ocean,
print me another heart
that is pure from dirt of word love.


8 MAY AT 13:52

§ Time §

•°•A word of thousand of mysteries
of its existence,
•°•a continuous branche of its tail has
different parameter of
measurement in different space.

•°•Before and after it, none of species
exists even humanity.

•°•There is no magic in it but
it is not less than magic.

•°•A wonderful miracle of nature
always with us with no visible identity.

•°•It will make you win try to walk it.
hold on to it, it will hold you back.


2 MAY AT 20:49

§ "Narration of tears" §

"To depict the poignancy of tears in a few lines by a narrator is nothing short of a storm taking off a bottle."


28 APR AT 10:02

"Check it you will get ocean in every single drop of ink in my pen"


28 APR AT 6:02

"Floating straw"

Floting straw at seldome of rare time,
At caprice of wave with pluck state,
Indicated adventure over undulate

Golden tone over gaiety zone,••••••••
Adulate moon on its silver blaze,•••••
Moving and moving and loosing rage,
Curiosity of learning with severity of
experience within a haze,•••••••••

Splashing water over it again and
again with an lnch and creating daze,
Covered a journey of different stage,
While it was autumn or summer
drowse gaze,••••••••

It just passed through beauty and
wonder of different phase, •••••••••
Its a story of golden straw travelling
the world, exploring freedom while
refusing comfort of cage,•••••••••••


27 APR AT 22:21

When the sun stole the
color of the daffodils,
Then Daffodil smiled a little
with a slight smile and felt
proud of his beautiful face.

The sun also started burning and
decided that now the color of the
daffodil will not be stolen bcz it is
also a beautiful star and full
of life-giving power......


27 APR AT 22:04

"When you love nature"

Even spider web protects you from rain and storm better than an umbrella.


27 APR AT 6:41

"Whirl cage layer of curtains"

Incoginant ergophobia to whirl of cage,
Covering all of the lives with spiral arm in suspiration of terror,

Blocked smile on faces,
Tearful pestiferous eyes,

Where sorrow praying at holidom of world,
Isolato mankind on the ventilater of life,
Volute personality but valorous attitute,
At helpless age of time,
Fighting the war of pandemic,

Poisioned air has polluted all over
now maintaining distances.


27 APR AT 6:27

"Be a cuckoo sweetly
but cautiously crow"


27 APR AT 5:32

Instrumemtation of faith,
In the destination of belief,

Is machinery worksop to renew,
Your engine in life's garage.....


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