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Jatin Aswal
28 MAY AT 16:17

Your memories stayed longer than you did.
Why didn't you teach them
how to betray and leave?


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Parth Bishnöi
5 APR AT 18:19

I walked in
Your direction
And forgot to
Remember the way.

Now I'm finding
My own footprints
So that i can
Go away from you.


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Jatin Aswal
6 JUL AT 14:06

"Why did she leave you?"

Because I showed her how much I loved her.


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Parth Bishnöi
16 FEB AT 17:48

He always drew straight lines to her .
She was busy in making triangles .


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Jatin Aswal
17 JUL AT 13:07

Pizza is still my favorite food.
I still love long hair.
Arijit is still my favorite singer.
I still prefer a roadside dhaba over
a multi-cuisine restaurant.

And they say that,
you left me.


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Aishwarya Swarup
20 AUG 2017 AT 4:01

Heart breaks are like springs,
slow like leaves falling.

The dry leaves
on the ground are beautiful,
just like poetries,
but the naked tree
looks for nothing but
water, cover and sky.



Maria Sufia
5 JUN 2017 AT 23:20

I bulit a house
At the shore of the
Ocean of your memories
And enjoyed its cool waves
Occasionally kissing my feet.

But the ocean turned fatal
The waves turned lethal
And the same moana
That I so cherished
Engulfed me in its rage.


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Ayushee Ghoshal
7 APR AT 0:06

"... But, atleast when Sam left that night, it didn't hurt."


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Jatin Aswal
15 APR AT 19:18

I didn't walk away from you all of a sudden.
I started off slowly,
and turned back like 100 times,
each time with a hope of catching a glimpse of you,
or your shadow.

But when I finally realized
you will never run after me,
I stopped looking back and walked away.

After all,
I gave my everything to you.


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