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6 NOV 2018 AT 21:19

Haunt me in your solitude
reflecting on my silhouette,
let me see you illuminate
my cosmos with
your uncertain melodies
echoing my unsung cadence,
meandering with me through
these isolated promenades.

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1 MAR 2019 AT 18:20



22 JUN AT 21:50

Be not prey to over-thinking.
It hunts/haunts you, if you surrender to it.
And makes ones life miserable.


16 SEP 2020 AT 15:42

Everything in life comes back to haunt you.


20 NOV 2018 AT 22:06

Deadlines haunt me more than dead bodies.


5 DEC 2017 AT 22:44

i rely my chaos
and the light
more than my silence
and the nights
as it paves a way
through all the
dark loneliness
that used to haunt me
in the midnights
when a part of me
surrounded by you,
left along with you.


20 APR 2017 AT 13:03

'Why won't anyone listen to me anymore?'

The question haunts me until I stumble across a gravestone.

It has my name on it.


28 NOV 2020 AT 19:30


are something which HAUNTS me like

GHOSTS, all DAY and NIGHT for



27 FEB 2019 AT 2:04

Power surprises more
without having a form.

You don't get to bomb memories.

// A Haunting //


Haunt me through the words
Let them take refuge in my Ink.