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24 JAN AT 2:19

Thousands of faces;
And a few true...
Knowing many for the one,
Then did you find your match?!


20 JAN AT 11:09

"I am done playing nice!"
"Then...try being nice!"


16 JAN AT 23:59


A dwelling place nowhere to escape,
Poverty was an ultimate maze,
A matrix of our living hell nap,
Life was just another nightfall craze,

My thoughts lacking any hope to escape,
Encaged in hoplessness but not defeated yet,
Trapped in misery; I ran against my fate,
Empath, err-prone; may be I am. But not a sap;

That is the fire that is flaming in my heart,
Torn and Worn in my heart always,
Tired, lost I felt but that's just another hurt.
I had that. The power to tap into affluent phase,

Arrows of poverty darting from throes,
Consistency is thy sword & commitment; the shield ultimate,
Don't forget the maze; let poverty pat,
Just moment away, poverty is. Remember it with blaze.


16 JAN AT 0:05

Heart beats,

Heart bleeds.


14 JAN AT 23:58

Stardost & Sunu: Insights


13 JAN AT 9:17

May you harvest the love you seek!
And burn the hatred you held.

May you find the spark that you need,
And take warmth to escape the dark!


12 JAN AT 23:49

/Just Let Me Hold You/

Atleast in dreams; just let me hold you,
heart broken; heart wrenched again,
But is it true?

Something, I hold as due;
Which jolt my love. But again,
Atleast in dreams; just let me hold you.

Minds missknow hearts. And hew;
thy love with longing hatred and wane,
But is it true?

Tell me that I am wrong. That you;
Really love me. Forget it, pan;
Atleast in dreams, just let me hold you.

To death; I hurt you,
Still You bring love and life from vain,
But is it true?

That your arms are open to me. Few
Letters I hold. After all you long gone.
Atleast in dreams, just let me hold you,
But is it true?


12 JAN AT 2:22



11 JAN AT 0:47

Of Moon and stars,

Of Darkness and coldness!


10 JAN AT 1:59

we give too much fuck
About being social yet

fucked up in ourselves,
And end up in what ifs...


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