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Joined 2 September 2017
20 SEP AT 21:38

Sometimes it's very
painful to know that

Memories are
also erased


16 SEP AT 13:32

Everything is changeable. We just have to see that whether this change is for the benefit of the people or not .


14 SEP AT 19:38

Sometimes positive minded people are compelled to admit defeat to negativity


11 SEP AT 0:34

Everything has been changed .
I am also changing now .

But some people are determined not to change .

May their soul rest in *Sofa* and *Bed*


10 AUG AT 11:08

Everything is changeable, even your own fate .
Good Day .


25 JUL AT 17:43

Decisions once taken with dedication , can't be withdrawn generally.


20 JUL AT 18:08

We all have imperfections and
always end up comparing with others .


18 JUL AT 0:55

Gifts are often gifted by the unexpected persons.


16 JUL AT 23:49

There will so much time you have when you can't even imagine that your late will be one's LATE in front of his name .


13 JUL AT 20:05

Life is a part of the games played by others .

Win it with your own game plan .


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