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Fallen Angel
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Fallen Angel
Joined 24 December 2017

And I dreamed of you
through every moment of my life.
I was happy taking your hand
through the streets,
What I felt for you was so real.
And I dreamed of you,
you were right here
but when tried to kiss you
in the dark I lost you.



Regardless of the destination I always find you at the end of every road.


24 JAN AT 23:12

I was embarrassed to tell her that I wanted to see her the next day or that I wanted to continue seeing her right there and that she should never be separated from me.


23 JAN AT 23:37

Not everyone can afford that luxury of staying single.


22 JAN AT 12:54

Don't fall in love with more than one.
Over intake of love can make you fat.


19 JAN AT 22:29

If they intimate you that you are not enough or you have not done anything for them then it's time to stop. Don't go back to those people who don't feel enough with you.


17 JAN AT 0:50

"Unsorted Home"

A home shouldn't be the last place you want to go. Nor should it be the place you're so desperate to get out of.


15 JAN AT 23:57

I wish you
with despair
and the longing
of the impossible.


15 JAN AT 21:34

Perhaps a beach awaits us, a sunset or some corner of the world where life asks us for forgiveness for so much.


9 JAN AT 21:53

I never understood those people who loved each other and were not together, now I understand that sometimes loving is not enough.


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