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I've got a tortured mind.
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I've got a tortured mind.
IG : aayushi.sonkar
Joined 28 September 2016
21 JUL 2020 AT 18:00

I opened the window
And heard my neighbour
Playing la vie en rose
And recalled
how I used to hold you on the phrase:
"When you press me to your heart
I'm in a world apart
A world where roses bloom"
And I keep this memory
written on page 303
Of a book I'll never open.

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5 NOV 2018 AT 15:12

I felt the wind around me
wrap me in autumn memories, once again.
Of ochre leaves and damaged trees...

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2 APR 2018 AT 10:35

i seek your presence
in the blooming of a bud
and the rising of a sun.

//you're my hope//


27 MAR 2018 AT 9:23

i align
the letters of your name,
like the trail of stars aligned in unison
to gaze at them,
and engulf some more light
amidst the moon.


26 MAR 2018 AT 22:53

i smear your name
like watercolors
on the canvas of my palms,
and pour your image
on the white sheets of paper
with metaphors on my fingertips.

//you're my art//


26 MAR 2018 AT 11:14

i look into your eyes
and i see metaphors,
bound in,
in the name of light,
that is synonymous
to my name for you.

//i'm a home for you//


24 MAR 2018 AT 22:26

each time
i look at you,
everything about you
crumbles upon my heart.
your hazel eyes,
looking at me.
the metaphors on my lips,
reciting your touch.
the poems on my fingertips,
describing about our love.
and the hymn in my ears,
preaching your name.
everything feels like melancholy,
and it sounds synonymous to your name.
yet, i don't shrink. i don't mourn.
i just stay calm,
as now i know
that you were just
a catastrophe
and i've learnt
how to emerge from them.



23 MAR 2018 AT 19:33

look at me
like the most tender thing
and i will
look like a bud
slowly turning into a flower.


22 MAR 2018 AT 22:59

i tried
and i'm still trying
to figure out
an alternate path to my inner peace
and i still fail to find one
after your voice,
that sounds like
the sound of the rain
filling my ears
echoing your name.


21 MAR 2018 AT 17:20

..and from now
i'll be the most
fierce thing
when i'll break open my heart
and let the wildflowers grow inside.



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