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Choose between "Love" and "A trap" :

If something betrays you, what is it?
It is not love but a cunning trap.
Beware of traps, because people
are good at tricking others.


11 JAN AT 10:30

Being at home feels like paradise :
Home is more of a feeling than place.
Home is an ambience and child of love.
And let's say home is nowhere to enjoy being at home everywhere.
Let's be wayfarers and consider whole world our home, to relish the deliciousness of every place and everything.
Home is the nature that conciliates the chained souls.
Home is everywhere to mol​li​fy the restless quest.


7 JAN AT 18:56

Calm restless heart:

Heart-burns serve to placate the restless whole.
Smooth palpitations, cease the appeased soul.
The restless heart seeks refuge in writhing pain.
Writhing pain assuages the appeased inane.


31 DEC 2021 AT 8:02

Choice is yours:

Choose Love to sail through it.
( Or )
Choose Hatred to ail through it.


18 DEC 2021 AT 11:10

Let there be a glory in my life.
Let that glory be overshadowed by love.

Let there be the triumph of love.
Let love be the victor of my life.

Let me stay out of its way.
Let love be the longing of my Day.

Let every gloom be erased by love.
Let me be its sole belonging, now.

Let love be the sail of my way.
Let love be the soul of my say.

Let the glory of life be in love.
Let love be end of every strife.

Because there is no life beyond love.
Because there is no say beyond love.


11 DEC 2021 AT 18:36

"Speak to me in the language of love. For I understand nothing but love."


15 NOV 2021 AT 8:53

Love must stay,
don't let it go.
Avoid being your own foe.
Coz love is the way and gay of life.
If you put love to an end,
Nothing but darkness will descend.

Moulana Rumi also says :
“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”


9 NOV 2021 AT 9:21

Blues (sorrows) are blessings :

What chastises you in life, are the blues.
Hold on to dig them deep, and find the clues.
Accept them like gifts, and have them as cues.

"Everything has good in it."
"Problems are blessings in disguise."
Learn to accept and appreciate things in life, to live a happy and blessed life.


1 NOV 2021 AT 11:25

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26 OCT 2021 AT 9:39

Greed indeed is an invented need.

Suppressing it with love is a glorified deed.


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