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#goddess quotes

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Amol Gade 10 AUG 2018 AT 10:59

Worship her like a goddess,
she will bless you like
no other god has ever had.


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Anushka Kohli 6 FEB 2018 AT 14:34

I have heard
people are greedy
but the number
of cases of
female foeticide
told a different story.

It's ironical how people
kill those goddesses
who give them life.

Why not make good use
of the humans' foibles?


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Akanksha Art 13 APR 2018 AT 22:25

***ON SALE***

She, a girl
Her self-respect
A woman, whose idol is worshipped in our temples & the same is raped in our country

// Justice already sold at a high bribe //


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Vaidehi Khandelwal 23 OCT 2017 AT 22:31

{400th post}

"माँ तुम फिर नाराज़ हुई मुझपर
जब मैने कहा मैं अखबारों के पन्नों
में खबरें कभी खंगालती नही हूँ।
कैसे समझाऊं तुम्हें जो डर मुझे रोज़ जकड़ता है
उसे मैं इस कदर और पालती नहीं हूँ।"




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shraddha pawar 14 MAY 2017 AT 10:28

"Forgiveness is strenuous", they said.

A Goddess in the form of human,
she forgave me for the ten thousandth time or something
by simply placing an extra roti on my plate at the dinner table.


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Alphabetical Deepti 3 FEB 2018 AT 18:08

When you love yourself.

You really know how

much better you deserve.

Respect the goddess who

is embedded in your soul.


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Aparna Rajoriya 5 OCT 2018 AT 23:31

Hi friends
My name is Aparna.
Aparna means "without a leaf".🌿
This name was given by my lovely parents. My name is one of the names of deity Parvati wife of Shiv ji.🙏

My nick name is appu and it is my pen name too. Credit goes to my mosiji.
"Appu- a baby elephant🐘" was the mascot for asian games.

My friends also give me some names like "Appu Teddy🐻" and "😝Appu Khota🐼"


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Swapna Bubun 6 JUL 2018 AT 23:52

. .


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Alphabetical Deepti 25 JUL 2018 AT 1:35

Dear you,
Remember when
god created you, he
wasn't just creating
a human body,
instead he was
designing a chapel.
A place for
god to live.
Now, that makes
you, your own
healer and your
own protector. Only
you choose what
hurts you and
what heals you.


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Prem Kumar Chanda 27 MAY 2017 AT 1:06

The dark sky is never lonely;
for its scars are its companions:
the stars and the moon.
Bigger the scar, brighter the shine.
How gracefully it embraces
its jewels, decorated
like the beautiful goddess Kali.

earth is the sanctum santorum and the
dark sky is the presiding deity
encompassing the entire Universe
adorning beautiful and bright shining jewels.

each shooting star, being the jewel
of the deity, is an answer to your prayers;
and hence, it's wishfulling star!?


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