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#girl quotes

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Yq Gudiya 22 OCT 2017 AT 20:17

I'm a beautiful flower in this world I spread love💓I always try to my best that no one hurt by my words. I'm senti like a flower.


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Suman Agrawal 25 MAR 2018 AT 18:24

You say she is a girl
I say she is a pearl.
You say she is a housewife
I say she is your life.
You say she is today's daughter
I say she is tomorrow's author.
You say she is your sister and reject anything she deem
I say she is updated about today's trends,she is a hipster.


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Pratik Raj Mishra 21 AUG 2017 AT 23:20

नयी नयी दुल्हन सी वो बन के आती है ,
कि जैसे धुप भी पत्तों से छन के आती है ,

किसी परी से कम नहीं लगती मेरी बच्ची ,
जब अखाड़े से मिट्टी में सन के आती है ।


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aishwarya rai 27 APR 2018 AT 22:34

Life ek bar Milti He Ise Dieting karne
Me waste Naa kare kyuki koi na koi To

"Yar Tum Moti hi achii Lagti Ho"...
Kahne wala Aapki Life Me zaroor aayega..!!!😂😃😄


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Shefali Barnawal 14 JAN AT 8:48

क्या कहा,
बद्चलन हूँ मैं..??
चलो मान लिया !
जरा नज़रें मिलाना,
शराफत देखनी है


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Saumya Sinha 20 AUG 2017 AT 10:25

The black coffee lover
refused to love a black girl

And once again racism won over humanity!


Racism played its role!
#coffee #challenge #YQbaba #girl

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Parth Bishnöi 1 JUL 2018 AT 17:51

He fought till last breath
Against those terrorists
To protect his pregnant wife
And suggested a name
For their daughter before dying.

Now that girl has a name
But she misses her father
Whenever she sees that
Empty father's chair
In parents teacher meeting.


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Amit Mishra 29 JAN AT 19:22

मैं प्रेम में डूबी स्त्री हूँ


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Veena Nigam 6 JUL 2018 AT 9:49

she's a girl
Girl with many pearls..
She's a girl with many dreams.
Who knows it would end up in screams .
She's a girl with happiest smile.
But cursed with miserable life.
Yes she's a girl..
But that doesn't mean she is a tool..
A tool which you can use, throw, forget.
She has a life
You won't value.
She has the pain.
You won't know.
She has the scars.
You won't see..
But she has the smile
You can feel it..
//untold feelings //


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Anjali Sharma 26 NOV 2018 AT 23:15

Form the high and low
I forget what to show,,
While other thought
Surely, she blow,,
I am type of a girl
Who don't,, walk
With the flow!!

I accept i walk very slow
That doesn't mean i m very low
When all believe in stone
I believe in snow
With keeping all inside
I am a girl who always
Want to glow!!


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