10:30 p.m.You have already finished your dinner and just want to crash for the day. But instead you drag your drowsy legs and just plop them on the terrace.And look up. You are alone.Not really.You have the moon, a few billion stars,some fresh smells,a cool breeze and some weird but still pleasant sounds to give you company.You are not happy.Neither are you sad.You are just relaxed.You are not thinking about how your day went.Nor are you planning the next day.You are not conquering the world.You are not planning your future.And also not dwelling in the past.You are just having a moment.In the present.A moment that is only yours to cherish.In that moment you are not thinking,not dreaming and not praying.You are just gazing,above,engulfed in a trance. Do you know what peace is? It is that moment. A moment that is unabashedly,unapologetically and undeniably yours. Yours alone. #peace #free #life #meditation #therapy