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Shaha Raja 21 MAY AT 12:43

You’re Gifted with natural beauty,
Your tranquil nature and exquisite aroma makes everyone delightful,
Colorful butterflies yearning for your nectar,
Such a pleasant names
you owned,
Hey flower!!
How do you make everyone
fall in love with you??


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ABhay KuMaR SAinik 5 MAR AT 11:09

A  Flower  Cannot  Blossom
 WiTHout SUnshine,


WOrld Cannot Live
WiTHout HOpe And


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ABhay KuMaR SAinik 27 FEB AT 12:00

Every Flower Is A Soul
Blossoming In NAture...!!!



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Poet Deepak Sarin 26 JUL 2018 AT 18:44

थोड़े अच्छे से संभालना जिम्मेदारी ऐ वनमाली तुम
अभी हाल में टूटा हुआ फूल हूँ जल्द मुरझा न जाऊँ


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Nachiketa Pattnayak 29 SEP 2018 AT 22:16

Yesterday ,I found something strange
Looked out the window
Focus on a date
Come closer and we click ....
And at that moment instead of bell
I get a flower bullet straight to my
Empty vessel
Ahh.... What a flower Bullet Date it is !


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Rushi Atole Patil 17 MAR AT 23:20

You can learn a beautiful thing from flowers that A flowers does not think of competing with the flowers next to it.It just blooms and spreads fragrance.


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Rashika Sharma 17 MAR AT 16:00

A flower that beautifully convert its,
Bud into flower
Flower into fruits....
(Read caption)


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sunitha cv 25 NOV 2018 AT 22:45

Rima Debnath 7 FEB AT 17:18

গোলাপ তোমার গন্ধ নেই,
কিন্তু, ফুলের রানী তুমি!!

তোমাকে ঘিরে কত শত সাজে?
অথচ, রূপের লাবণ্যে গোলাপি নিজে!

ছোঁয়াচে চাহনি রৌদ্রচ্ছলে হেসে...
গোলাপ উপেক্ষা করে কাঁটা ডালে ঘেঁষে।

প্রেমের প্রথম নিস্তরঙ্গ সাক্ষাতে...
তাইতো, প্রেয়সী গোলাপ প্রেমিকের হাতে....।


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Deepa Mishra 1 MAR AT 19:14

क्यों नही पूछते लोग फूलों से उनकी इच्छाएं,
क्या उनकी नसीब में खुद टूट के दुशरो के सर पे सजना
या फिर सुख के टूट जाना ही लिखा होता हैं


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