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Priyanka Shukla
26 JUL AT 13:57

बड़ी हल्की सी है लहर-ए-इश्क
दिल ये डूबे भी ना तिरे भी ना ।


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Sudeep Pagedar
29 APR 2017 AT 19:03

There are friends & there are friends,
Some see you as means to ends,
Some are nice & do mean well,
Some will make you go through hell.

Now, I don't know which kind you are,
But I'll tell you what I've learned so far:
Stick with me through good & bad
And I will do the same, comrade.



Khushi Khushi
29 JAN AT 9:54

She gathered all the courage and put herself together to begin a new life.
This new life was neither a married life nor getting a good job.
This new life was Second Chance of life given to her after recovering from a dreadful disease.
Now this Second Chance she wanted to live her own way and give it's best to it.
All she did before was under the pressure of family and society. But now she decided to live her passion.
Leaving the field of home science and economics , she now decided to learn technology, gadgets and robots.
Everyone discouraged her how you gonna do that, you don't have that background.
But the jadu ki pudiya of her mom, "Faith in Yourself and hard work without fear" always worked.
Her "Gold Medal" in Masters of Technology proved everyone wrong....



Dos Corazone
14 SEP 2017 AT 19:35

From the ashes of your failed attempts, will rise your own glory
Just keep faith in yourself, then there's nothing to worry


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upasna parecha
2 MAR AT 22:42

If almighty doesn’t give you something big, that is cause he has something ‘bigger’ for you.


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It'z Reyaaz
14 DEC 2017 AT 18:37

It's really hard
To accept that someday
May our faith dies
Within our own
The only thing
We can accept that
We've to survive
With grace..
Everything we do,
We say, we ask,
We listen,
Is a choice
Either we made
We've to accept
As a lesson
To learn...



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