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Abhishek Kumar 6 HOURS AGO

I have this dream...
that someday
you and me and music
will happen in the same space.


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S Punitha Blessy 5 DEC AT 22:25

Your eyes tells me to surrender!
Your touch create star dust!
But when will I see you, my dream love?


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Dharani sri 1 DEC AT 17:35

At once he crossed the way,
My racing foot stucked down.
Weary eyes started to glitters,
Chubby cheeks turned pink,
Lips gone wider ,
Pearl lips exposed
Shyness made the final touch.

He ,the best ever makeup man
Garnished me with his single sight.


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Rahul Vishwakarma 29 NOV AT 7:12

Thank god
Finally the day came
When I was too close
to you
That I could
touch you
And your aura
made my heart shook
But oh goddam,
Finally I woke up
And now you're
too too far away.
And in the end I realised
It was just a dream.


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Priyanka Chhabra 27 NOV AT 23:45

She fell in love with him not because of his face,
He had grown to be the perfect listener for her through the days.
She fell in love with him not because of his money,
He had taken out time for her at any hour of the day, honey!
Far from her, distance was just another word.
“I am here”, has really made her understand her worth.
She was the reason of his happiness,
Their untimely chats when life was just a mess.
From strangers to close ones, he was falling in love with her similarly,
Their whole journey started with a “Hi” unknowingly.
Falling in love was easy but friendship remained above all
They chose to be at each other’s side, distance being just a named wall.


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