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7 MAR 2018 AT 0:27

There are moments in our life where you end
up crying out of nowhere maybe because you
lack something you have been wishing for
ages. Or because you are too happy to contain
your joy. Or the silence of the night is too
friendly that it makes you emotional. Or the
night is too cold that it needs your tears to
warm it up. Or a lullaby that gives you
headspace to sleep peacefully.

Maybe the eyes have been longing enough to
see you again so much that the weightage of
tears is heavier to control within. Maybe the
moon too is looking so happy tonight that you
share tears of joy. Or you noticed the stars to
blink in response to your blinks. Or maybe,
everything is blur and happy because of tears
so you enjoying crying.


21 MAY 2017 AT 19:16

People are so repulsive and wrathful nowadays, that they can't sacrifice a miniscule portion of their lives to bend down and fling a coin onto a beggar's bowl. That metal clink followed by the beggar's expression of elation and the inaudible gratuitous blessing that they sprinkle you with, could give more perceptional meaning to your own existence than those thousands of blurry clicks on your smartphones.


6 AUG 2019 AT 16:23

Maybe I am easily drawn to people who draw blurry lines in front of me

Maybe because blur is the only truth I know
I take my glasses off and blur is all I've seen since I can remember things

And even though I constantly seek for clarity
These glasses are just an aid
And a lie

I'm looking through something
not at something
How can I tell you're real when you're so clear?


3 MAY 2017 AT 17:11

As weavers,
we weave.
As spinners,
we spin.
And somewhere,
in the loom’s blur, 
Our poems begin.


23 FEB 2018 AT 19:39

Take an impression of me
and frame it in your eyes
before I fade away.
Much like your feelings
that you claimed were forever.


31 DEC 2017 AT 10:46

beautiful things
need to be blurred
to maintain focus on
the important ones.


16 SEP 2020 AT 10:05

बहुत सँवारा था तुझे ए ज़िन्दगी..
जाने क्यों तू ,धुंधली नजर आईं है ।
जिसकी हसीं से होता था सवेरा..
जाने क्यो उसमे, वो बात नज़र नहीं आई है ।।


30 SEP 2017 AT 13:46


11 MAY 2018 AT 8:45

I wish
like our Love
Our memories too fade away.....


14 OCT 2018 AT 19:58

Keeping aside my glasses
I watch the world go blurry
with my naked eyes.

I wonder if that's what
it means to be 'blindly in love'
Or that's how it feels when
things fade away with time