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Bombay-based wheatish poet seeks relationship on equal terms with life. No dowry please.
Joined 1 January 2017

Bombay-based wheatish poet seeks relationship on equal terms with life. No dowry please.
Joined 1 January 2017
5 APR 2018 AT 13:03

How, my love,
do I write you
just a poem,
when it is
all of poetry
you deserve?

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4 FEB 2018 AT 10:15

There's a reason I
don't want an iPhone:
it's an OhMyGodWhy? phone,
a frustrated sigh... phone,
groan, moan, take-a-loan phone
that is guaranteed to crack
when it falls out of my back
pocket, it's not rocket
science to design a device
to survive gravity's attack.

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3 FEB 2018 AT 15:06

She came home with the packet in hand, not wrapped in newspapers.

Family shocked: "How could you..."

She retorts, "They're pads, not pavs."


23 NOV 2017 AT 23:56

The doors
I've shut
the paths

I can only
see the map
with closed eyes:
without sight.

How ironic;
I find,


23 AUG 2017 AT 22:27

It's been so long
since that last
- touch -
I've forgotten
I've once felt.
On frozen stone
no moss has grown;
touch me
and I'll melt.


24 FEB 2017 AT 6:37

I’m the gift your government received:
a gift that keeps on giving, 
especially to those ill-fated
enough to keep on living.

I’m the promise in the leader’s speech,
broadcast with a delay to obscure the screech
of the falling objects that children look up to,
and then – suddenly - 

I am the plague the prophets foretold:
ageless, timeless, and remorseless, I kill.
Your cities fall and crumble,
they always will; 
But I, your firstborn, will never get old.


15 FEB 2021 AT 12:26

Today is a good day


28 SEP 2020 AT 13:43

What is age, but a number?
Old age is but second youth.
Each year makes us younger.
And that is an age-old truth.


24 MAR 2019 AT 17:04

He publicly declared his openness by speaking out his name, in rhyme.

And that is how the Universe first discovered poetry.


24 MAR 2019 AT 16:54

He was told by her that she was told by him about a time she told him what he was trying to tell her was really just what she was trying to tell him.

They kept telling each other things that he'd told her not to tell him, except when she had to tell him about what he'd told her not to tell.

It was all very telling.


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