As far as i know,we cannot face the hindrance created by god..



"Co-existence is such a cliche and mainstream. Don't you think so?." 

"If co-existence is a cliche, do you believe we'd be existence in this parallel world."

"A star shines every night in the skyline. 
Do you believe the sky would be adored without stars?."

"The mighty sea is bound to wash upon the sand and if someday taking a gallant chance against all the odds of nature; sea didn't wash the sand of shore.The sea has assorted power to be calm and rough , offering a share of peace to human world. Would it feel the same without co-existence of sea and shore?."

"Co-existence is more than a mere cliche. It's the sole reason of our existence in each other lives that too with a reason.
Because you exist in the cosmos, so do I." She replied with a smile on her face which made him questioned his belief often.

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