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Joined 9 December 2017
19 MAY AT 0:05

Hey adorable one.

May the 19th, translates to your name on my calender because, *a dramatic pause with drum rolls* Wish you a very Happy Birthday Anamika Raj. The huge libraries of knowledge we both exchange can fill the internet and crash it in one day. And I miss the stupid games we used to play. People often tend to get busy in life and one day get too busy for life. But people worth remembering will always be remembered and like a toad that comes out only when it rains, I have resurfaced on YQ to wish my favorite writer and human being.
With the nation under a crisis like this one, I understand you aren't in a very happy mood either. Being a person that is well aware of news i know how different issues are bothering you right now. Your mind is probably a hot mess right now. But take this one day out and celebrate it, thanking life, because it gave to a chance to experience it. Life is perhaps Life's greatest gift. Just being present with others in this vast universe sounds great. Sounds fun. And thanks to one little chance that life had given us, that we are here experiencing the stimulus that Universe gives.


26 FEB AT 7:48

Convulsing hearts
They tend to lie a lot
This disgusting dream
That we called our home
They only scream one word
"Debris!" is all I've heard
Now lets let go of this
Sham we called love.
This make-believe game
I don't intend to play again
This feels so neat
This defeat!


9 FEB AT 0:32

moonlight shows sleepy faces.
Somewhere along, to have fun at nights
implied sinning.


29 JAN AT 13:58

and attitude the track


16 JAN AT 9:07

Dust-coated lips touch
Dirt-coated cheeks
Sand in her nail beds
Settle on a little forehead.
Her turban bathed in sweat
Comes undone and shelters
Her baby's face from noon sun.
Calloused fingers caressed the collar
Of the shirt that belongs to her husband.
Her husband's lungi hides her feminity.
A feminity that would otherwise make
A brick-hauling, cement-churning, strong woman vulnerable and inviting
To make ends meet she takes up her husband's attire and lifestyle.
She accepts peanuts as wages. Illiterate and naive.
In few minutes of respite she gets
She exchanges affection and dust.


16 JAN AT 7:59

maybe wolves howl to keep themselves warm from the wretched night's cold.


15 JAN AT 19:04

the hesitation of light rays that entered my pupils. Their blurry confessions seldom gave me true images of reality.


15 JAN AT 18:49

You might succeed in stealing one's thunder, but never one's spark.


2 AUG 2020 AT 20:07

I, a brief and fleeting comma,
You, an enthusiastic exclamation!
Together we drive a sentence
I on front seat. You at the back.
Together we spun emotional verses
As we drifted across a blank canvas


1 AUG 2020 AT 23:39

Be a dimly-lit twilight
I'll cache you with flash in my eyes and camera.


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