Regrets of the mistakes that you did not make purposely are more dangerous than suicide and enough to kill you everyday from inside and give you a reason to hate yourself. So never commit that mistakes even accidentally for which you can't even think once before hurting yourself..


22 NOV AT 23:21

Less conversations..🔇
Days they met were few😔
I forget to call him once...
He skipped two...😶
Distance grew them apart...
Somewhere in between.. 
Misunderstanding smiled😏


22 NOV AT 18:25

Letter to my (future) baby

Letter to my future baby 3 My dear baby, Learn to appreciate what you get. Often the kind of life you are living is what others dream of. Just like the saying goes, the grass is greeer on the other side. I know you'll also feel the same but baby things aren't how they look like. There are certain things which you need to understand as a child and somethins we need to understand as parents. Being strict always or being completely liberal won't work. At times to make you understand, to teach you i will have to be strict it doesn't mean that i don't love you. Your demands may be denied once in a while that's also for your good baby. It's not necessary to fulfill every demand sometimes, you may demand for something that isn't needed or that isn't important. Baby, you'll face thousands of people in your life as you go and grow make sure not to trust everyone. Believe those whom you feel are right. If something is bothering you, talk to me, speak up. Mumma will always be there for you no matter what the clock strikes. Love, Mumma #nooffence #personalthoughts #lettertomyfuturebaby #3

21 NOV AT 22:50