यूँ चुपचाप चले जाना अच्छा नहीं होता
किसी का दिल दुखाना अच्छा नहीं होता
एक पल का रूठना तो बेहद मुफ़ीद है 
ताउम्र रूठ जाना अच्छा नहीं होता

मेरे ख़्याल #12

19 OCT AT 21:09

On one side there are crooked people,
On the other side there is my grace,
"I know how to wear my grace as an armour, a crooked smile for instance."

THAT GIRL | Flash Fiction Tales #12.1 #girl #crooked #yqbaba This is something I came up with after writing the 12th part of THAT GIRL I hope you all will like it. Make sure you scroll down the earlier posts of THAT GIRL for connecting the dots. Thank you :)

12 OCT AT 22:31

She changed her can'ts into cans
 and her dreams into plans.
She realised everything have a season,
cause' everything happens for a reason.
She get to know about her capacity,
although she was discarded for her fallacy.
She's very revered to be raised by a Human angel,
whom she call mom and she's her preserval.
She's desolated to lose hero her father,
but felt affluented cause all the 
 gaps are filled up by her mother and brother.
She realised its her fealty to make her hero  elevated,
 and her lifelines so that they may never feel dejected.
She realised she have to prove her sayings  cause, 
She's a supergirl and supergirls just fly.!!

*Supergirl* ✍️🏻 #7-10-17 #12:02

8 OCT AT 15:59

Yaadein rula deti hai warna hasna 
kon nai chahta


3 OCT AT 16:33