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Aishwarya Saha 14 FEB AT 22:27

Hello Indians!

How does it feel to know that when you were busy celebrating the Day of Love, in some other parts of your nation, some people are killed brutally marking 14th February their death day? And not to forget, those people are none but the ones for whom you are living in a safe environment.

It is not a quote.


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Aishwarya Saha 13 FEB AT 9:58

Sometimes all you need to heal is just a hug.
And sometimes,
All you can't have is just a hug.


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Aishwarya Saha 13 FEB AT 9:47

Sometimes it's all about the photos,
and sometimes it's all about the moments that make you forget to take photos.


Aishwarya Saha 13 FEB AT 0:08

Dard jo apna hain, use dabake rakho dil ke andar,
Kya pata woh gum ho jaye, paake khusi ki samandar.

Aur agar woh kabhi kabar karne lage zyada shore,
Behne do ansuoon se unhe, bheegi takiye ki ore.

Hothon pe rakho halki si hasi, aankh bhale hi num ho,
Kehte hain, khushkismat hain woh shaqs, sab kuch bhulake khamosh hain jo.


Aishwarya Saha 7 FEB AT 20:54

Jab jab kisine dil toda,
Dhyan aya,
Ki khud se pyaar karna bhi zaroori tha.


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Aishwarya Saha 4 FEB AT 21:40

My overthinking.
Yes, you heard it right.
That curse is my favourite one.
Because that's what made me a writer today.


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Aishwarya Saha 4 FEB AT 21:37

He was ink to my soul.


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Aishwarya Saha 28 JAN AT 20:11

I've returned to myself.



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Aishwarya Saha 27 JAN AT 9:41

The more you suffer, the more you'll gain.
The longer you suffer, the bigger you'll get.


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Aishwarya Saha 26 JAN AT 21:23

Where you can breath freely,
free from the shackles of insecurity,
ignore the barriers of cast, creed and religion,
Dissolve all the unemployment and illiteracy among common mass,
Introduce unbreakable unity with equality between genders,
Where there will be no rich or poor, every job would be a job of pride,
With none to look down upon another,
Where the main language spoken would be of love and respect.

But would that ever happen in reality?


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