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Aishwarya Saha YESTERDAY AT 0:36

Hum sab ke paas kuch aise cheeze zaroor hote hain, jo hum duniya ke nazro se bohot dur kisi ek mehfoos si kone mein sambhal kar rakhte hain humesha.

Dil bhi waisi hi ek jagah hain.
Aur sirf kuch insaan aur kuch hi rishte waise hote hain jinhe hum, aise hi mehfoos rakhna chahte hain, akhri saans tak.

Aur tum waise hi ek shaqs ho.


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Aishwarya Saha YESTERDAY AT 10:53

In the era where promises break everyday,
don't lose the one who is ready to wait for you till his last breath.


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Aishwarya Saha 12 AUG AT 19:36

Chahu toh aj bhi hum dil ko behla sakte the,
Chahu toh aj bhi uski har galti ko naadani ka naam de sakte the,
Chahu toh aj bhi jee-jaan deke usko uski hi galti ka ehsaas dila sakte the,
Chahu toh aj bhi rote rote ek aur din ko bura sapna samajh sakte the,
Chahu toh aj bhi har ek baar ki tarah dil turwa kar fir se khushi ka bahana dhund sakte the,
Chahu toh aur ek baar dil ko aas de sakte the ki "yaar sab thik ho jayega"
Chahu toh dimaag ko fir se ekbar "Woh nahi badla" batla sakte the,
Chahu toh fir se ekbar tin sabdo mein har gile sikhwe mitne ki jhoothi natak kar sakte the,
Chahu toh aur ek bar, ek bar thake hue mann ko hasne ki aur thake hue sarir ko uth ne ki aas de sakte the,

Par sach kahu?


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Aishwarya Saha 8 AUG AT 11:18

Remove the toxic people from your life at the cost of your happiness, maybe?


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Aishwarya Saha 6 AUG AT 11:02

Don't worry if you find me as a changed person now.

Pain changes a lot of people.
And pain of ignorance changes everybody.


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Aishwarya Saha 6 AUG AT 10:46

Waves are good friends to us, I feel.
Though they're always busy coming back and going away from the shore,
Still, at the end of the day, they will listen to all our grievances and stories and make us comfortable with it's blissful breeze.

Afterall, at the end,
a good listener and a shoulder to cry on is what you need.


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Aishwarya Saha 15 JUL AT 0:38

Kane Williamson,


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Aishwarya Saha 13 JUL AT 15:21

In any relationship,
if you can't give equal rights to each other,
happiness won't last longer.


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Aishwarya Saha 10 JUL AT 20:07

The last thing I'll say-
Everything else just like our own lives are written somewhere. All the series of events we face is predestined.

So India's loss today is much like those undeserving ones getting unjust success and the deserving ones blaming themselves.
If your life has faced so many of such "hard lucks", a team can face too.


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Aishwarya Saha 7 JUL AT 1:02

It is very important to change with time.
Else you'll end up standing numb seeing everyone changing around you and regret every moment you feared to bring the change.


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