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Joined 26 November 2018

Joined 26 November 2018
Surbhi Agrawal 4 SEP AT 14:27

if one asks 'why' and another replies 'hence'
then what other else is needed in relationship ?


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Surbhi Agrawal 3 AUG AT 17:23

"Confession, it born for awhile regards with extreme fondness
our congnition say's to confide but airs, no how"


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Surbhi Agrawal 7 JUL AT 22:04

"a violent rainstorm with unsaid dreams of his sealed lips, made his vision mauve but it was she who confessed and it was he who knelt"


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Surbhi Agrawal 5 JUL AT 0:23

"with the change of colour, she was able to paint her life and call it into existence but all were turnin' away from her as despite of changin' the colour she changed canvas"


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Surbhi Agrawal 29 JUN AT 18:45

Ask me anything


feel free to ask me any questions.

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Surbhi Agrawal 3 JUN AT 0:13

"even, if she knew the equality between 'love and hate' when one lies another saves, may be she could believe in fear, as fear is certain"


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Surbhi Agrawal 14 APR AT 16:30

"Why", she continues thoughtfully; heart can't be like drawer as there's a need and she yearned her it to be"


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Surbhi Agrawal 29 MAR AT 19:27

"and she didn't wanna finish his love, but at every passin' hour her hatred was climbin' the cliff as her hatred was searching the end of love"


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Surbhi Agrawal 19 MAR AT 20:28

"sheen of hatred came and stood by her side and contrast itself with her engrossed love, it founds that ethereal light was the unabsorbed love"


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Surbhi Agrawal 14 MAR AT 20:56

"and the echo of an unbounced love should be bury in the shadow of trench, as there is one but willingly it can't touch him"


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