बिकती जो किसी बाजा़र में,
खरीददार मैं पहली होती ।
ईमानदारी बिकाऊ नहीं ।

* Translation: Had it been on sale in any market, I would have been the first one to buy, Honesy isn't saleable. ~ #theperpetualinkpot * writing a #triveni #3linepoetry on #ईमानदारी #honesty Triveni is a form of Hindi/Urdu poetry initiated by the poet Gulzar. Unlike sher, a triveni consists of three "hemistichs" (misras). The first two are complete in themselves but the addition of the third misra gives a new dimension. #yqbaba #yqdidi #worldpoetryday


Na kisi ke aane ki parvah hai,
Aur Naa hi kisi k jaane ki..

Ae khushi bas tu zara sa teher jaa..

#triveni Rule _ In triveni,poet introduce a third line which gives it a new dimension all together,even though first two lines are well enough to express. Hope So I did well. I was absent for 2-3 dayz from yourquote. So today I published 3 quotes altogether.. Hope there wasnt any mistake..! If yes, pls feel free to rectify it.😀 #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqtales #gulzar #happiness #numbervoid #theory

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रौंदते रहे बेफिक्र होकर कदमों तले अपने..
छाले जब आये पैरों में तो लड़खड़ा गए..
सीने में तेरे कोई अंगार सुलग रहा है शायद !

सुनो, धरती भी धधक रही है कहीं शायद.. भड़की जो वो तो उफ़ करने का वक़्त नहीं देगी..! कदम ज़रा सम्हाल कर रखना.. Image source - Google #nature #globalwarming #yqbaba #yqhindi #yqdidi #yopowrimo #yqshayari #triveni

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