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18 JUN 2020 AT 2:10

Your absence makes me insane.
Not knowing how or where you are--
Lost in a fine monsoon shower --
When you left, waving a bye
I never knew it was the final bye.
I still can't believe,
But as others whisper,
Did you really die?


14 JUN 2020 AT 15:20

Dear Gulshan Bhaiya,

You were my neighbour in Patna while growing up. I hated you. Whenever we played cricket, you never gave us the bat. Even when you got out, you kept on batting. You were suave, stylish and parted your hair in the middle with long locks on both sides like one of our heartthrobs, Shahid Afridi, in those days.

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14 JUN 2020 AT 20:40

Kuch alfaz kabhi labon tak ake ruk jate hai,
Kuch nami yuhi bas ankhome hi bas jate hai....
Yun to khush raheni ki khawab har koi dekhte hai,
Par kabhi jine ki umeed hi kho jate hai...


16 JUN 2020 AT 21:05

बुलंदियों की ऊंचाइयों पर था मैं गिरा नहीं मुझे गिराया गया है l
तुम्हारा "सरफ़राज़" धोखेबाज़ नहीं..मुझे फसाया गया है ll

कैसा क़त्ल ? किसका क़त्ल ? l
मेरा कोई इरादा नहीं था मुझे उकसाया गया है ll

बड़ा ग़मगीन है आज कुनबा मेरा मेरी मौत पर l
जब जिंदा था, तब मुझे जीते जी दफ़नाया गया है ll

हँसता खेलता चेहरा था , मैं रोया नहीं मुझे रुलाया गया है l
मेरी आँखों में नींद नहीं थी साहब जबरन मुझे सुलाया गया है ll


14 JUN 2020 AT 18:58

जीवन में मुसीबतों का पहाड़ टूट पड़ता है
यह इंसान पर निर्भर वो किस तरह लड़ता है
अपने आप को ठोस बनाओ रहो निडर
" आत्महत्या "नहीं है मुसीबतों का हल !!!


27 JUL 2020 AT 3:33

I fell in love with you
the way
you fall asleep.

You never came to me
when I wanted you
and I never wanted you
when you came to me.


14 JUN AT 20:44

सब को खुश, रखने में हमने, जाने कितने "दर्द " सहे...!!


14 JUN 2020 AT 22:19


19 JUN 2020 AT 18:01


......Pounds of pain punctured , exploded in my heart like a thousand thunders
Many minds melted,many spirits splintered ,seeing the body hanging by a thread destined to burst..........

Many can blame that it s so coward and emotional dehydration causing mental suffocation......
But forgot to see the tears directly from the soul ,his agony vented and vomited.....

Lastly the melody you gave was so moving and majestic ,thy fantastic fellowship made this era so optimistic ....Misfortune only mushroomed and multiplied.....


19 JUN 2020 AT 8:14

I remember reaching out to you, when nobody came to lighten my head.
You too denied me a chance to feel better in the moment I was broken.
Now that here I'm lying lifeless, only now in literal sense, on my bed,
your 'heart goes out' to me when I'm dead.