On Mirakee today, I came across a word,
Of which I had never before heard.
The word? Its is called "Supernal",
And it means 'someone exceptional'.
I have to say, I don't know many people,
Who I can give the title of supernal.
But there was a guy I once used to know,
When he used to sing, time would go slow.
His voice, it could touch your heart and soul,
If you felt empty, he could make you whole.
He was, for me, a supernal singer,
In my memories, his voice still linger.
You know, I still miss him and his voice,
I would bring him back if only given the choice.
Sadly, I can't do that even if I try,
He left for the kingdom of God, that's why.
That voice of his, that magic he used to create,
His own family, they couldn't really appreciate.
To give music up, they always used to say,
They didn't knew, without music, he couldn't live a day.
I still cry sometimes, when I think, sitting alone,
He could grow so big, if only with care he was grown.
Such a supernal singer, he could have been,
Like nothing before this world had ever seen.

#cyoc #yqbaba #challenge #supernal #dreams #harshreality #lostsoul #suicide "A Supernal Soul I Knew" is based on the harsh reality of this world and especially this country of India. Numerous young dreamers give up their dreams to pursue a career, sacrifice their passion for profession. And sometimes, it becomes too much, the expectations, the pressure. And the only way out they find is death. Please don't do this. Don't pressurize these young ones. Let them follow their dreams and passion. Let them live the life they want. Because money isn't everything.