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Larissa Rizzy Rhone 6 HOURS AGO

Life. A series of...
Thoughts. Perceptions.
Perceptions. Thoughts.
She lost a child, she still stands!
You took your life after loosing a man.
Strength Vs Weak.
Thoughts & Beliefs.
Life - Inner Peace.


Lalit Kumar 17 HOURS AGO

They stopped bus, he came in and asked for polio drops for babies.
As polio virus causes physical disability, vaccinations for #small_pox prevent from death. If anyone, who have not taken drops yet, or have not been vaccinated, everyone gets serious about. his/her family, neighbors, Gov: and certain NGOs will actively participate to stop growth of virus.
At that movement i thought "Like polio which effects people by making them physical disable. Worries, tensions, anxiety, depression and other terms with regard are also making people mentally disable. Like small pox, #depression and #anxiety are also killing people even with greater probability.
In that matter everyone was dead serious including Gov:, NGOs but in this case ? 🤔😐


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Jyoti Shahi Thakuri 22 HOURS AGO

I want to give 1 msg.
दोस्तो,ए जिंदगी बडि मुश्किलसे मिल्ति है
यिसे दुजेकि खुशियोंके लिए तबाह मत करो
माँ-बाप कोई दुशमन नहिं
अगर जिद्द करे कि करलो बेटि शादि
तो आवेश मे आकर अपनी ज्यान,मत दे देना
कर पाव तो सम्झाव उन्हे
ना माने तो,घर छोड भाग जाओ
पर ज्यान देने कि बेवकुफि, कभी मत करना
यितनी: बडि दुनिया है,कहि ना कहि तो ठिकाना मिल हि जाएगा,अगर जिंदगी है तो
जिनेके लाखों वजह भि मिल जाएंगे
माना,रास्ता मुश्किल है पर ना मुंकिन तो नहि
वैसे भि जिंदगीका दुस्रा नाम हि तो:संघर्ष है
सुसाइद करके,भला:आजतक किस्को क्या मिला है,चार दिन आँशु बहाएँगे
फिर सब तुम्हे,भुल जाएँगे
यिस्से अच्छा तो यहि होगा
कि तुम घर छोड भाग जाओ
कम्सेकम तुम्हारे माँ-बाप खुदको तुम्हारा
कातिल समझ तडपतडपके तो नहिं मरेंगे
कहि ना कहि,दिलके कोने मे
आश तो रहेगा,उसकी बेटि एकदिन लौटेगी
माँ केहेकर फिर बुलाएगी..
पापाके सिनेसे लग सारा भरास व निकालेगी
एक दिन उन्कि परि लौटकर आएगि...


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anushka singh YESTERDAY AT 0:33

My world was him he was my life,
Wanted my heart I would've offered knife.
Sacrificed my bites for his hotel dreams,
My dead skin cells; his hands soft as cream.
Did everything for him , my child was my hero
Until he destroyed himself for a girl worth a zero
I felt worthless, my heart ached at the suicide note,
Not a single mention of me not a single thought wrote.
I let him to step on me for his success,
He chose to run downwards on a upside staircase.
Tears are now dry not falling as the rain,
'Where did I go wrong?' is all in my brain


Deepankar Choudhury 10 DEC AT 13:48

সময় করে কাম্য-মরন আমার মধ্যে;
ক্ষনে ক্ষনে বাঁচে জীবন আমার মধ্যে.


Jatin Chheda 10 DEC AT 2:58

We grew up together, you were gifted a life,
In a moment to end it, did you not feel the fright?
What would have been going through your mind?
Swamped by a dark moment,
that withered your might,
Left us, gone so far away, out of our sight,
Yet to sink in, we were all so close knit and tight,
Sudden emptiness takes over, a void fills the recesses of the mind,
On one hand old memories surfacing fresh & clear on a sprite,
On the other the waves of mixed feelings on a height,
I try to fathom the horror that must’ve gripped you,
A deep seated madness that drove you to end your life.
Trying and trying to ask, understand and feel your plight,
Each time I fail, I try again, to feel as much alone as you have might,
The madness in the head must’ve taken over, driven you to this blight,
Dark voices in your head screaming loud, the reasoning in you died,
Not a chance to think of your own, who you leave behind,
Forever I’m going to ask, an answer I will never find,
What drove you to this, what the moment would be like?
The darkness, the madness, the craziness,
the loneliness, the hopelessness, the tiredness,
whatever that haunted you in the darkest of
moment that doused your light.


Only questions and questions left behind
#suicide #forever #unanswered

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Sonali Nishad 9 DEC AT 23:40

You found your time alone,
You found your favourite place,
You found your happiness,
You found your peace in the grave..


What about me....going through all the pain?
You told me that you will live with me forever.... holding my hand,

What was the reason that you are gone away...without giving us a clue?
You should have atleast talked to me once...i was always there for you,

I think i was a fool not noticing....that you were hurting so much,
If i had known then, you would have been here with us,

I could have done anything to make your scars heal fast,
I could have saved you from going away so far,

It doesn't matter now,
Now you are gone away,
If it is still possible,
Can you please come back again?


A letter to the grave...
#yqbaba #yqquotes #yqtales #letter #grave #suicide

Aditya Potter 9 DEC AT 12:50

जब उनसे बात नहीं होती तो
मरने को दिल करता है
उम्मीद है,
वो मेरी इच्छा ज़रूर पूरी करेंगी



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