Language Festival 2018



દરેક ના જીવનમાં એક 
વ્યક્તિ એવી આવે છે, 
જેને મળીને થાય છે,
કાશ આ વ્યક્તિ જીવનમાં થોડી 
વહેલી આવી હોત... , 〽



You were my Favourite Habit 😘😘😘

I replaced my favourite habit into unnecessary 😵😵😵

Sorry,,  But now  you can't hurt me more .....😛😛😛

#talab Don't be puppet for your own habits.. Just be a guy full of acknowledgement.... In simple words Do whatever you want but not to do silly things like wait for a guy who don't value your words in fact he/ she doesn't pay attention on you. He/ she just thinks about himself/herself... Leave him/ her because it's your life you can live with the person who knows you from inner. Who values your words, your choice and your emotions. Please don't blame yourself because you had an unpleasant relationship. You have to appreciate yourself cause you did with full of efforts and of course with a loyal heart that's why Y_o_u a_r_e S_p_e_c_i_a_l not for him/her but for you. So, move on which is not necessary in your upcoming life. But start doing which will improve your present and make bright future for YOU. This is the real H_a_p_p_i_n_e_s_s......... #loveyourself #habits #special #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqbhaijaan #shahi