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Glaizel Cantos Brucal
17 FEB AT 16:58

He was special to me and I screwed him up. The second one is a gem to me but the guy screwed me up. I feel like you are so special to me too but I wonder, who will screw who?



Sahina Mondal
4 APR AT 7:12

♾Direct is this bond connecting the soul,
A relation so special,
Where time and distance matter less,
Friendship is an asset all possess.

Few people can impact their presence,
Even in their physical absence,
You being one of them,
I promise to preserve you like a gem.

Our friendship is a devotion,
Summation of every emotion,
It's sour; It's sweet,
But without these counterparts,
it's totally incomplete.

Grateful for the beautiful memories,
we together designed,
That will be remembered till our
lives confined..
In this short span,your presence
made wonder,
Real bliss is having you as 'my crime partner'..♾

❤Happiest birthday Shaista Daulatabad❤



Glaizel Cantos Brucal
14 FEB AT 11:32

The girl is special. The boy is special. They are both special. But not every special things are meant to be together.


Happy Valentines. Lol.
#yqbaba #yourquote


MahaMrityunjay Gautam
28 JUN AT 19:05

हे भगवन्! छोटा-सा संसार दे, न हीरा-मोती, न हार दे।
एक सख्स ऐसा चाहिए, जो मुझे-मुझसे ज्यादा प्यार दे।।


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Ashwini Anil
30 AUG 2017 AT 21:34

When you said that I am the most special person in your life, at first it was strange....but then I went through all the memories we had together and each one said that all this while you were the most special one to me too...

"We never realized that we are the best hosts for each other"



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