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Muneeb Mehraj 20 AUG AT 22:20

"мy venтrιcleѕ are нavιng ιnтenѕιve properтy,
тнeѕe are jυѕт lιĸe вlacĸ нoleѕ,
тнere ιѕ no eхιт door тнere,
ι м нelpleѕѕ,
ι canт тranѕғorм тнeѕe,
ѕorry ғor вeιng мyѕelғ,
тнanĸѕ ғor вe тнere___😭


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Akankshya Bhattacharjee 26 JUL AT 1:13

I am your gravity....
Someday I will pull you towards me...
But if I can't,
It's cause you have gone to a place, to the space where my force doesn't work anymore...


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Sumit Suman Mohan 12 JUL AT 20:52

The heart is cealing and giving up on feelings.
The body is alive with dead soul skilling.


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Sumit Suman Mohan 12 JUL AT 0:39

I fell for you,
But never from you.


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