Just being her boyfriend doesn't make you the owner of all that she owns.

Yeah you are her boyfriend and might be her future husband too but, does that make you the owner of all that she has got even before she gives them to you. Give her the space she needs, rather deserves. Give her the time coz possession might sometimes backfire, not just on your relationship but your life. Let her embrace you, not coz guys are meant to be strong and fight but coz girls have the equal rights too. Things are the same when it comes to you, one can never take all the pain and other all the happiness. You got to share that's how you lead a happy life. If you don't understand time is what you both will need to understand who can take up how much and if you are ready to share your pain with someone you love for to share happiness you won't think. Its not just with the girl but even with boys too- when we love someone way too much we never feel like sharing the pain, pain that is in our life and that's when your partner jumps in forcing you to share but we rarely open up. Its not bad, just that we need a little time and a little more confidence. Yeah sometimes even this backfires for some get uncomfortable with too much of love and affection. We don't hesitate in sharing every little detail of various happy or sad events with our best friend, So You need to be best friends before anything ..so that be it pain or happiness,you are comfortable in telling him/her . If true love once lost- situations and the game of feelings might make your life the deck of casino. #love #lost #patience #casino #space #backfire #game #feeling #yqbaba #yqtales #rights

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