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12 MAR 2018 AT 23:59

Juggle with each others emotions,
snuggle up to quick solutions.
all of us are really being paranoid,
in this artificial world filled with android.


20 DEC 2017 AT 12:46

My favourite part about
fuzzy winter mornings
is sipping homemade hot chocolate
in my worn out peach sweater
and snuggling into your arms
for a big bear hug.


3 DEC 2019 AT 22:18


On cold winter nights,
I snuggle against
the thought of you,
for warmth.

After all,
the way people felt
long after they've left.


31 MAY 2018 AT 14:57

Cuddling, Snuggling,
Smiling, laughing and kissing
All the things I want to
When I think of you. ❤❤


13 FEB 2018 AT 0:12

When in the morning the sun's rays,
piercing through the curtains,
will try to disturb your sleep,
I wish to be the blanket that
you'll snuggle into to avoid the daylight.


6 AUG 2017 AT 23:11

And whenever I feel like shutting the world out,
You come to me and snuggle and kiss me all over.
That's how I know, true love can't be shut out,
it finds it's way, always.


5 NOV 2019 AT 0:05

The nurse handed me a tender bundle,
And you further close to me , snuggled.
Growing up with you was amazing,
as if I had developed wings.
So many wonders in you ,I wondered.
But when you crossed the teens,
I in awe , deeply pondered ,
as to your future, where will you go.
Each time I worshipped, I bowed
before The Lord, to show the man
who cares as only parents can.
Handed you over with a satisfied sigh,
Now, everytime you leave after a short visit,
It is tough on me to say a bye :)))


4 JUN 2017 AT 10:07

"Don't disturb me. Just go away!", I scream at you.
You quietly get up and leave.

Five minutes later, I snuggle up to you and say, "I'm Sorry, Do you still love me?"

Your wagging tail answers all my questions.


14 OCT 2018 AT 18:20

Her heart snuggles with her soul when she is happy.


20 SEP AT 9:22