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Sitaaron ke aage jahaan aur bhi hai
Joined 14 December 2016

Sitaaron ke aage jahaan aur bhi hai
Joined 14 December 2016
16 JAN AT 22:31

She clutched his hand tightly.
But Love still managed to slip through.


27 MAY 2020 AT 22:53

'What do I make of them?' God sighed, looking at his quarrelling daughters.

Whatever he gave to life,
death snatched away.


25 MAY 2020 AT 10:47

बस एक दिन
उठ के चल देतीं

काश तुम्हारी याद भी
कुछ कुछ तुम सी होतीं


15 MAY 2020 AT 10:17

Forgetting someone becomes especially harder when it also becomes necessary.


15 MAY 2020 AT 9:26

"I made your favourite dish today"
"Don't forget to take the umbrella"
"Did you eat?"
"Msg me when you reach"

I don't remember the last time
she said 'I love you' to me,
But not a day has gone by
that my mother hasn't showed it.


11 MAY 2020 AT 8:29

The artist is a lot like a fiery flame.
Burns briefly to share its light
with the world,
only to gradually die out
and rise heavenward in smoke.

The art, though, is like ash.
Remains long after.


8 APR 2020 AT 13:11

यह मैं किस मक़ाम
पे आ खड़ा हूँ ..

की तुम्हे भूलना
अब ज़रूरी भी है
और नामुमकिन भी


28 MAR 2020 AT 21:58

It takes a deadly, life threatening virus to make man live like they should - in harmony with nature. What does that say about the human race?


28 FEB 2020 AT 22:57

मैं तेरे सिवा किसी और को देखूं ऐसा मुमकिन हि नहीं

चांदनी रात मे तारे दीखते हैं भला?


3 FEB 2020 AT 17:49

It's just that some choose
to express it and some don't,

but at the end of the day
Life makes poets of us all.


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