You know that sometimes I really miss you . Our late night conversation, our silly mistake. I remember the way I treat you, I miss the little things that we did in the past few years. I can't lie. I still love you. I want to slap you. I want to hurt you. the way you hurt me and treat me. But you know that whenever you are hurt, I get more pain than this. I can not hurt you at all. Even today I am crying aloud but you know that I can not do anything . whenever I feel, I do not care about you . Some things happen again and I can not move forward And it hurts me like hell I can not tell anyone how much I loved you. Even today I 'm waiting for your Message . I know now I'm not matter to you but I can't just deal with it. why you did this to me. You know I'm not like that which cries at all .. but today I'm just crying like hell. Can you hear me !! #yqbaba #yqtales #confession #missing #love #hate #slap #bitter

12 DEC AT 16:39