"Yes, I'm a school going girl. 

I belong to a school which no longer have existence. Which isn't physically present and even if it did it must be in ruins now, but still whose values dwell deep within me just the way I dwell in it.

I belong to an old school."


Yes, I'm a school going girl. I belong to a school which no longer have existence. Which isn't physically present and even if it did it must be in ruins now, but still whose values dwell deep within me just the way I dwell in it. I belong to an old school. No, I'm not an Orthodox and I've absolutely no issues with girls and guys being friends, more than that or any other thing. I don't judge people's character if they drink, smoke or is doing drugs or people. I seriously do not feel the necessity to teach you people the peace of being with one partner throughout their thick and thin when you're insanely hooked to an idea of hook up culture. I don't blame west side. I don't blame its culture after having knowledge of where we stand as a culture rich country is much worse in real. I don't blame you or anyone. It's a matter of choice. Our life is a mere result of the choices we make. It has nothing to do with your upbringing or character or values. It's solely about how you perceive life and stuff. But then you've no rights to judge my choices too. I may seem to be the most uninterested kind sitting silently in the corner of a crazily partying crowd. Sipping my lemonade which is your next morning's first drink. I can still play 'never have I ever' and can have soft drinks in the place of alcohol. I can dance till my feet ache without essentially getting clung to your neck. I can enjoy the conversation even when the wildest thing I've ever done column is still blank in my life book. I'm a fun to be with individual only if you know that humans are different and they may take time to open up in front of strangers. Life has come different to me just the way it has come to you. You can have a conversation but for that dear extrovert or 'pretending-to-be-cool-but-still-uncool-human' you've to keep your superiority to the backseat and have a sensible approach atleast. So, everyone who judged the colour of my lips and hair on point to be the confirmation of me being in a relationship, I'm sorry to disappoint you but the way I dress up is actually to look upto my reflection in mirror with satisfaction. It has nothing to do with a guy who can approve of them. Being single isn't a crime, trust me. No, I'm not ugly, I've a good heart. There is a thing called 'choice' and I would like to shout it loud and clear to reach to your defeaned ears that I'm single by my choice. It has nothing to do with me being coy or having 'hard to get attitude'. It doesn't mean I don't like guys or hate men. I like them. I do fall for them but in a little deeper way. I fall for their little gestures which includes them sharing their childhood stories in one starless night. I like to be with someone I can talk intellectual and stupid in a single sentence. I like when they treat me nicely moreover treating the humans around me nicely. I like when they feed poor little kids or oldies. When they tell me how they care and proves it to be true at times. I like when they instead of pulling just doors or chairs pull down the mask we humans cover our faces with. I fall for little things. Unlike you falling for looks I still fall for how they make me look towards things, places, people, failure and life. You may find it funny. And now you're free to judge me. I have never known how it feels to hug somebody with love. Hugs are underrated. I haven't held anyone's hand to cross the roads on which I fear traffic. I still struggle alone. I haven't experienced how a human touch can make my head and heart lose their synchronisation. There were many who were ready to be my first love but I could never think of wasting my 'moments' with some random human with no intentions of holding onto him till my breathe lasts. I've been saving onto so many little things and desires. I still find lying in lap and forehead kisses more fulfilling than any other physical intimacy. I still value the sudden tangling of hands, flickering eyelashes on perfect eye contacts, racing heartbeats, blabbering sentences and heated cheeks and earlobes in their presence. I pay a lot of attention while falling in love. Love to me isn't a sudden deal of buying your beauty or money. Love to me still comes with a long list of things which has 'how you know to bring out the best in me' pinned to top. If anyway you want to meet me be prepared to encounter a cold look for an hour. I can't behave like I've known you since ages and can hug you casually or shake hands. I'm not at all a touchy feely person. Everything to me has to have a meaning cause in long run I won't be able to move an inch with the load of lost love like you keep moving on from one partner to other. I've no rights to call you names and I don't indulge in that though. I'm still a cool modern youngster who by choice loves to spend her Saturday nights in shorts inside a blanket watching Tom and Jerry, sipping her bournvita milk. My Sundays aren't worth posting on Snapchat cause I hardly leave my bed. I may seem to have no social life cause of extinct hangouts but I still have a bunch of people I can call mine. Believe me I can still cope with you talking non-stop about drinks, smoking drugs or one night stands but not everyone out of you would love to talk about stars, moon, uncertainty of life, incidents that affected or ruined our childhood or upbringing, social issues or even love. Perhaps my dear, you are too scared to touch something as deep as love. How can you fall in that then? For love is a deep mess. It's you who makes it filthy or worthy. It's you who decides to come out clean or drench deep in its colours or make it look like dirt. It's you who has a right to decide to fall for a moment, a night or rest of your lives. Stop posting #pyarekdhokhahai cause most of you haven't had any real face off with a trace of what actual love feels like. For a change before you switch on your incognito mode today, dust off the wedding albums of your grand parents or parents. Most of them were arranged who compromised their lives but they atleast knew the meaning of togetherness unlike us who look for a new pair of arms to get dissolve in each night before dozing off. Don't you think we're next level escapists? But I would still like to mention I've no issues with you. You may need weed to get high on life or a puff of cigarette to relieve your stress while I still believe that life and love has enough addiction to drive me crazy and my stress got a good competition with the solace the lap of my loved ones have. So like the way you suggest me oftentimes after giving 'Whatta poor gal!' look after knowing about my love life and not-so-snapchatting-worthy lifestyle why don't you follow those two and three words mantra of yours: 'Grow up' and 'Get a life' respectively!!!! -a dweller of 'modern day' old school. #vkletters #oldschool #life #yqbaba #yqtales #yqpostman

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