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Kusum Vishwakarma
21 SEP AT 11:36

"रोने की सज़ा न रुलाने की सज़ा है;
ये दर्द मोहब्बत को निभाने की सज़ा है;
हँसते हैं तो आँखों से निकल आते हैं आँसू;
ये उस शख्स से दिल लगाने की सज़ा है।



Pooja Singh
8 FEB AT 16:19

i've never been in a relationship.
but i'm so.. soo over this freakin' valentine's drama.


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Pooja Singh
8 FEB AT 18:16

guy: *gives me a chocolate*
me: hey, thanks. *opens the wrapper*
him: *takes a bite from my chocolate*
me: tu hi kha ab bc.


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Vaidehi Khandelwal
20 FEB AT 1:47

"Yes, I'm a school going girl.

I belong to a school which no longer have existence. Which isn't physically present and even if it did it must be in ruins now, but still whose values dwell deep within me just the way I dwell in it.

I belong to an old school."



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Shweta Sarkar
9 MAY AT 11:46

तुम्हारे बंदिशों ने मुझे बांधकर रखा था ,
तुम्हारे नफरतों ने मुझे खोखला कर दिया था ,
पर आज तक तुमसे बस एक ही उम्मीद हैं मेरी
की शायद एक दिन , दोबारा तुम मेरा हाथ थामने
ज़रूर आओगे ।।



Aaditya Ranjan Shrivastava
8 APR AT 2:08

His 💓 played the LOVE beats...
After all he is sitting BESIDES her...
She was also happy and BLUSHING...
But in her HEART 💖...
Being a GIRL she how could she express so early...
The invigilator came...
Distributed the QUESTION papers...
Everyone had filled their PAPER...
Examination starts...
Everyone started writing...
He was also busy writing...
But but but he was forced by his heart...
He was drowning in HER...
His PEN stopped...He seemed worried...
She gave him PEN...He said thank you...
THANK YOU were the first words he expressed her with...



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