Together we used to Love the season of rain,
I Even thought of walking with you forever  in an empty lane.
never thought you would leave silently juz for your sheer gain,

You proved Love was only pleasure over pain,



My drink's in a paper cup;
A pencil on my lap.
I'm thinking of words, to drop;
A tiny babble and some crap.

My cup is empty;
No more drink but tea.
My pockets are out of pennies;
The dogs are eating me.

My momma comes to see me;
My mind is out of key.
Trembling attacks my knees;
She cries to me, in plea.

Dibble, dibble, dwabble;                          
Dibble, dibble, dee.
Nothing's inside me but trouble;
Throw me out, in crumbles.

Confusion seizes me;
Crazy me, crazy me.
Nervousness, down my eeky spine;
I'm getting out of line.

Dibble, dibble, dwabble;
Dibble, dibble, dee.
Nothing fills me up, but babble;
Squash me up, into rubble.

Laughter seeps into my soul;
Racking me up, awhole.
Better get me that pole;
I might fall into that filthy hole.

Published at FB on 14/11/04. This one's not EXPLICIT; though, it speaks of pain and madness. It is a playful look into suffering and despair. #madness #pain #hatred #wordplay #yqbaba


Crazy, dazey broken world;
Evil constantly curls;
Into the minds of people, whirl;
Into that demonic mind, it twirls.

Go to the highest peak.
Fall and hang your d*ck;
Into that crazy peace, you seek;
Crash that stupid mind, with brick.

I hate you so much, you freak.
I see you as a dirty little tick.
You smell so bad, you prick.
You smell like sh*t, geek.

If you could only be gone;
I'd be very glad, stupid one.
All my pain would be gone;
I'll be happy with my son.

You think you're clean and holy;
You think you're Rolly Polly.
Having you, with me, is pure folly;
F**k you, sh*tty dolly.

If I could only get me, out of here;
I'd gladly do it, with a sneer.
I'd get myself a thousand beers;
No more of these f**king tears.

Get yourself into a car;
Smash yourself. Be in scars.
Thrash yourself, inside that dirty bar;
You'll be pretty dead-cold, in hours.

I'm so tired of this, Evil One;
You think you're the Chosen One.
Better die and be gone;
I'll be very glad; to have you done.

At last, I'll have all the fun.

this is a piece i've published at FB, written on 15/11/04. i know it is EXPLICIT; but i think it is also a reality, especially, for those entangled in a maze of pain. i hope you bear with me as i have another one to post. thank you. #pain #hatred #anger #madness #yqbaba