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YourQuote Baba
9 JAN AT 19:13

Dear Writers,

1. Word of the day: MONK
Use the word in your quote, poem
or story and write out
the words hidden inside you.

2. Raise a quote, two-liner
or a short poem in honour
of the old monk who gave
us uncountable memories
and lessons for life.


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Poovendhiran Mohanan
9 JAN AT 19:43

I drank too much
of your love. Now, I'm
on a hangover with
your thoughts.


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Alkesha Chaudhary
9 JAN AT 22:47

Baby it's me,
Believe me you can dance

Truly yours
old monk


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Poovendhiran Mohanan
9 JAN AT 21:14

For me, she was the Old Monk,
That got me high,
For her, I was just a Monk.
That made me shy.


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shraddha pawar
9 JAN AT 23:38

Even the numerous pegs
of old monk
couldn't do to him,
what her one 'hello' did.
His heart skipped a beat
for the first time.


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Sakshi Gupta
9 JAN AT 22:31

After a long week,he used to desperately wait for the weekend. His overdue tiredness would vanish by holding her in his arms. He would feel her magical scent and with her he will talk sun and the moon, love and the lust. His only desire was to brush his lips against her nectar to transpose himself in the world of eternity.

After her depart, old monk stepped in the shoe of his true love and now he used to desperately wait for the weekend to gulp her down his throat.



Pooja Arora
9 JAN AT 19:48

Only two things can give you,
Clarity in crisis:
Listening to an old monk or
Drinking The Old Monk.


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