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18 JUN 2020 AT 12:57

Niceness (truth) is self sufficient but evilness(untruth) not.
truth being self contained. it doesn't attracts to anyone.

Opposite this side evilness is unstable without demerits of humans.
Evil things attract people but good things not. bcz they things have not need you,but go for them if you want them.


4 DEC 2021 AT 5:37

We have always been told not to be too nice as the world out there is full of awful people. However, nobody actually preaches awful people to be nice, and they are indirectly defended. It just proves that our society willingly justifies the sick mentality of individuals, whereas niceness is considered as a faulty behavior.


8 MAY 2019 AT 0:09


My Niceness Is On A Off Mode
Don't Teach Ur Swag To Me

I Have My Own👊😎


25 MAR 2018 AT 3:59

"Sometimes Your over Niceness will also let you down"


27 JUL 2018 AT 23:28

Niceness is not my
But to maintain is in me


2 MAR 2019 AT 18:05

It matters,
The smallest of things,
Even a mere hello,
Niceness always matters.


5 NOV 2018 AT 20:31

"सच्चा धन*: प्रेम,विश्वास,
खुशी और ईमानदारी हैं।
इसी उम्मीद पर चलती,
दुनिया हमारी हैं।।


12 OCT 2019 AT 17:48

And my problem is that I take people's fake niceness too seriously. I believe in words. For me words are something that people will stick to it forever. But this asshole's have habit of forgetting their words. They say words even without meaning it. People play their games, so bloody well.


29 SEP 2017 AT 9:42

Everyone Has Worn
A Mask Of Snide Niceness,
But Admittedly,
All Are Savage And Devil,


9 DEC 2016 AT 10:11

Niceness is a defect.
No one wants a defective piece.