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Tuhin Roy 22 HOURS AGO

Scribble (13/7)

Nights monotonous, evenings bad
Mornings deplorable
Each day worse than the last,
Never-ending, darker and blanker
With a void-like face.

The hunger for words
Grows and gnaws
Till it split from need
And became cancer
Spreading across creativity.


Tuhin Roy 11 JUL AT 22:10

Scribble (11/7)

I feel incomplete without scribbling
A sort of endless loop,
Beginning and ending each day -
Creation is a filler
Void is what everything is.


Tuhin Roy 10 JUL AT 21:25

Scribble (10/07)

My head throbs to familiar pain
Yet, an apparition, a doubt
Shadows cast by human souls
Coming to life in unknown rain.


Tuhin Roy 9 JUL AT 19:54

Scribble (9/07)

It rained, it rains almost every evening
Across the yellow skies
Upon incomplete houses
With their jagged bones
Looking for an escape -
A simple soul and a home.

The ashen grey
On dormant desires,
Almost a chained Prometheus
Writhing, looking to gods every day
But no answers.

Only feathers and eyes
Discussing fate, a beautiful sight -
A murder crows
And their evenings.


Tuhin Roy 8 JUL AT 20:28

Scribble (8/07)

The cup lay empty
Drinking time
Collecting over the sugary layer of darkness
As memories took shape
Of shadows in hiding.

Waiting, in consistency
And balance for a passage
While loops go on
Searching for singularity.


Tuhin Roy 7 JUL AT 22:14

Dying Out

Finally exhausted, perhaps
Nothing but decaying skies
Old and older memories,
Aroma of rust and the usual evening of desire.

I am running out, lost
Soulless, purposeless
Like an empty shell - a plastic bag
Dying a little more each day.

I am over, scrapings and all
Nothing new, only a bitter fatigue
Eating away at cells,
Under some sordid morning sun.


Tuhin Roy 6 JUL AT 19:44

Scribble (6/07)

People are building homes
As death knocks on door,
That is human, that is hope;
A reason enough to persevere
To fight, to wake and believe -
It will all be better someday.


Tuhin Roy 3 JUL AT 18:35

Scribble (3/07)

My mind withers
From beginning to end
Amid a labyrinth of nothing,
To seek the singular thread
That ties fate, one on another
Meanings and ciphers -
Across an illusion of Ariadne.


Tuhin Roy 2 JUL AT 20:26

Scribble (2/07)

It is in darkness
And tea cups
That I measure loneliness
Against the depth of the sky.


Tuhin Roy 1 JUL AT 20:41

Scribble (2/07)

Stuck between rains and potted plastic plants
The tongue of fancy flickered
And licked the desires of my mind,
In rusty petrichor, grey blinds,
Smelling of forever skin;
A spell of translucent memories
Awake and asleep,
Broke in droplets
Like a river across the vapour
Dreaming of fresh scraping, burnt clay
and running away of wild jasmine.


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