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#nanowrimo18 quotes

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Harsh Snehanshu 18 NOV 2018 AT 2:28

be yourself forever
& pray that I remain myself
so that you remain
my favourite forever.


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Lavina Narwani 11 NOV 2018 AT 17:21

What an effect you have on my blithe spirit when you come over me
A step on the grass seems like a step on the moon
A shower on the face seems like soothing waves of the ocean
A seat on the rosy garden bower lifts me up on lofty clouds
A musical strain on the ear makes me a nightingale of starry summer nights
And the noise of jingling anklets makes me a peacock frolicking in monsoon mist...


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Kamalpreet Kaur 15 NOV 2018 AT 14:49

Stop judging others because of their flaws or imperfections. If they have flaw, then help them to make it better. Judging and back bitching is not a solution. Stop making them feel bad or low about themselves. We are no one to make comments. You maynot even know what the person have gone through. Afterall nobody is perfect. So if you can't appreciate them the way they are, then shut up.


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Priya Sripada 15 NOV 2018 AT 13:52

I just want to rant so listen


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Satyapriya Khanna 15 NOV 2018 AT 15:25

It's been too long
The road never ends
It's an ocean that is vast
And never ending
And the light at the horizon is there or not
It's no luck guessing
The ocean's messing me up
And now I'm a broken man
But the man must not give up
I have to find a path that is uniquely mine
The wine shall be kept untouched until it turns fine
And then poured in a clear glass
Alongside China cutlery and spoons of brass


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meenakshi sharma 15 NOV 2018 AT 14:38

there's a difference between
"not getting your bullshit"
"not responding to it".

Former was my past; latter is my present.


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Amol Gade 5 NOV 2018 AT 14:15

We made a big mistake,
We used "brains to divide" than "hearts to unite".


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Shachikanta Khuntia 18 NOV 2018 AT 7:46

Guru :
Yet ,I'm in search of him ,
the enlightened soul !
would desperately seek
his blessings unknown !
pulsating me up through
the chakras ,dissolving me
in a pinch of Divinity ;
rather let me know of me ,
where from & where to ?
with a blob and certainty !!


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Amol Gade 15 NOV 2018 AT 8:55

Dear happiness,

You may play follow-unfollow game.

I won't mind.


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Amol Gade 24 NOV 2018 AT 8:52

Dear future self,
Just lead the life in such way
that you won't have to warn
your future self like me.


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