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29 MAY 2020 AT 13:07

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18 SEP 2018 AT 0:10

ना आसमां फटा,
ना धरती काँपी,
मैंने सुना एक विधवा महीने का लाल रंग ओढ़े
मंदिर चली गयी।


8 FEB 2018 AT 16:10

No one saw that blooded body
as they were passing nearby .

But everyone noticed those
small on her skirt .


18 FEB AT 19:09

Dear stomach cramps;
Laughing at my pain?

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12 JUL 2018 AT 20:55

Please don't read my caption🙅
If you feel shameful while reading
or talking about 😯


21 NOV 2018 AT 19:50

To guardians of the menarcheal child
(Parents, siblings, friends of girls getting their first period)


28 MAY AT 18:11


1 MAR 2019 AT 23:53

// Pre-Intitiation //

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12 FEB AT 14:25

dear little sister„
this red stain on your skirt
is very special, not a usual one..

its a symbol of nature,
it's a symbol of woman,
It's a symbol of humanity
it's a symbol of life.

don't be ashamed because of it...
those who are staring at you,
because of this "stain",
maybe They do not know
that you have begun to become a
'स्त्री' (Shakti).


21 SEP 2018 AT 15:38

"We bleed"
Yes we do, and that's why you exist.

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