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Simran 19 HOURS AGO

I always had been a unbeliever of God untill I witnessed the floods in India! yes, now I can say God do exists, I saw him to save saveral lifes without caring of his own life!


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Simran 15 AUG AT 8:28

Try to never forget Heroes behind our Independence!
Never dare to forget superheroes because of whom we enjoying our Independence!


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Simran 11 AUG AT 21:20

I love the colour of colourless!!

Rainbow has colour,
Smile has colour!
Rain doesn't wear colour
So tears are also colourless!

Happiness always describe
as a colourfull
No one wonder about this colour!
No one ask the colour of sadness
So it's also a colourless

Morning, afternoon and evening
All wear beautiful and lots of colour
And Night brings colourless colour
She is little naughty,
She colours sky with dark
And wondering herself as an artist
So I can imagine myself as an artist
Cause what else different I do?
I colour life with the
darkest colourless colour
Wait, don't misunderstand!
I colour my life with dark
Because I want universe to see
Glory of my success without making
So much efforts!
I love the colour of colourless!


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Simran 5 JUL AT 14:32

"Godess are also females, ain't they?
So, ....."

(Please read caption)


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Simran 27 JUN AT 9:37

समंदर कि गहराई में
सोयी हुयी लहर हूं मैं
नदी के बहाव में
छुपी हुयी कहर हूं मैं
चांद पे लगा दाग हूं मैं
फिर भी सीतारो का अरमान हूं मैं
नये ख्वाब का आगाज हूं मैं
कुछ अनदेखा सा अंजाम हूं मैं
सुबह से शाम का आलम हूं मैं
अंधेरी रात का अहं हूं मैं
सुरज कि किरण हूं मैं
कुछ बारिश कि बूंद जैसी हूं मैं
आवाज होके भी खामोश हूं मैं
फिर भी उस खामोशी कि चीख हूं मैं
कोई न पढ पाये वो कविता हूं मैं
कोई लिख पाये वो 'किताब हूं मैं
नये युग का नया गीत हूं मैं
सुकून से बीखरी मिट्टी कि तरह हूं मैं
मुझे नही पता मैं कोंन हूं
तुम हूं बता देना मैं क्या हूं
समज सको तो समझ लेना
आसमान से बडी फिर भी
एक छोटीसी दास्तां हूं मैं !


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Simran 29 MAY AT 9:53

Romeo-juliet sacrificed their life for love in one corner of world, while in another corner, Ram leave his beloved Sita under social pressure but,
But, Krishna and Radha's unconfessed and unconditional feelings taught us
What Love Meant to be!


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Simran 20 MAY AT 19:07

"May be"

When people can't say "NO"
but they also don't want to hurt you!


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Simran 17 MAY AT 22:24

Hey 'man'kind,
How many eras will you take to search reason behind his lustiness rather than blaming her?
Don't you see, her screaming is dumped in silence of her mistakes over era and era!


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Simran 13 MAY AT 10:48

I left the universe few moments ago!

My eyes were closing slowly,
The lighting around became dim,
Noise of people replaced by silence,
While Drowning into deepest thought
I realised, I forgot something
I forgot to live a life like I want
I forgot to answer the question raising on me,
I forgot everything, irony,
My memory still eating me!
My mind said I won over heart,
The regret of forgetting something
Teased me in every second of last breath
I am flying, leaving universe
That noise, those questions,
unanswered situations everything left behind
I am searching peace,
That I have forget to enjoy in life!
May death is wonderful than life!
Life sucked me in world
Now I am ready to suck death beyond universe!


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Simran 1 MAY AT 13:46

Gharwalo ke pyaar pr se Vishwas usi din uth Gaya jab
Ek ghunt Paani pine ke Baad 10 bottles bharwa Li 😑


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