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"Tell Me The Story About How The Water Loved The Milk So Much That He Evaporated And Destroyed Himself To Avoid Milk From Burning."

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         //Open the door baby

As He Entered the Room, She Was On Bed.
Her Thighs Ready To Be Kissed, Dressed In Red.

She Passed A Naughty Look, Beit Her Lips.
He Advanced, Grabbed Her Hips.

Followed A Passionate Kiss.
A Single Part Of Her, he Didn't Miss.

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Undressed Her, Freed Her Breasts. Happy, Desperate To Touch his Bare Chest. Kissing Followed Again, More Sensual This Time. Grabbed Her Neck With One Hand, As Like She Committed A Crime. One Was Busy Down There, Posting Around. Her Hands, Down him, he Found. She Sat Down, Like An Obedient Child. Took It, Like A Wild. She Looked Straight Into his Eyes. He forgot worldly cries. He Teased Her, She Couldn't Wait. He Got Into Her, Straight. She Moaned, he Went Deep. She Screamed, Slow, he Did Keep. Next, She Took A Ride On him. Greedy To Have It Fully, Was She. Her Back Turned To him, Her Hairs In his Hands . Her Breasts Enjoying Swings, She Tasted Like A Wine. As It Ended, She Gave That Look. Got Fresh, Her Head In his Lap, He Took. She Felt Complete, She Felt Loved. He Felt Complete, He Felt Loved. ______-----------------________________ Okk so i'm back n u can read me now❤️ keep support guys🔥🔥 Fuck.hard | lust | sex | G.point The Dusk🖤😘 kalyani upadhyay Angel Undercover Ayen Gomez Abhishikta Chakraborty❤️ #secondquote #erotica #sex #lust #lustypnv #yqbaba #yqtales #fantasy

I met her in the aisle

With the sweat dropping 
scaling her neck, 
I took charge. 
Pulling her closer, 
I kissed her hard. 

With each moan 
her emotion 
Flooded between her crotch
As we made Love that noon.

We were in an aisle, alone. For not all meetings are awkward. Few deserve to be bold and naked. What do you think? #sex #erotica #love #lust