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Joined 3 February 2019
Rajendra Tarakar 8 JAN AT 12:29

This year is still Virgin.
Until and unless,
You fuck it off yourself ...!

Take care of 2020 🙌❤


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Rajendra Tarakar 5 JAN AT 12:09

Am craving for your touch❤
The way you touch me without,
Using your hands gives me goosebumps..!

The way you say, "hold me closer"
Even when each part of my body,
pressed tightly against your body,
drives me crazy.!

Let me give you a feel of pleasure,
Moving my hands on your curves,
I will make your toes curl up in pleasure,
Running my tongue all over your body,
To make u scream in pleasure with soft moans...!

You are a seductive angel from heaven,
killing me with your deep looks,
To open the door of pleasure,
in my each veins❤


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Rajendra Tarakar 2 JAN AT 11:29

Pappa it's getting too cold nowadays..!
I wanna buy new jacket, give me some money
He gave with a smile ❤ and then he asked,
Can I keep your old Jacket..?
As it's getting too cold for me too 😓

Tears in my eyes made me to write this 💞
(Must read in caption)


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Rajendra Tarakar 1 JAN AT 10:42

She was deeply hurt 😑
She locked the room,
Cried alone for 5 minutes continuously,
And came out of room with smile,
As if nothing happened.. ❤

She was making a tik-tok video..!!


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Rajendra Tarakar 31 DEC 2019 AT 10:39

" I hope in 2020 "

The desperate couple hears,
"Congratulations, you are having a child"

The old parents hear,
"We miss you, we're coming home"

The sick hears,
"Congratulations, you are healthy now"

The sad child in orphanage hears,
"Pack off your stuff, You're going home"


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Rajendra Tarakar 29 DEC 2019 AT 13:11

The art of love making is knowing,
What she really craves for and
slowly giving it to her in a way,
That takes her breath away ❤


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Rajendra Tarakar 24 DEC 2019 AT 12:33

Dear Valentine ❤

Dedicating this for you,
With whole heart.

(Read in caption)


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Rajendra Tarakar 23 DEC 2019 AT 15:20

Girls who used multi coloured pens,
to write notes in school are,
housewives now 😅


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Rajendra Tarakar 18 DEC 2019 AT 11:38

I want to be the man..!
You fall Hopelesly in love with 💞
The one whom I take in my arms,
And make feel so safe being in my warmth❤
Would be the one to lift you and take into your bed
Where you keep trapped in my eyes ❤
I just want to be that kind of a man. Where,
The one who will memorize the things you share,
As well as the shape of your lips,
When u whisper in my ears..!!
I want to know every Curve, every freckle,
Every tone of your body along with,
Every shiver of your soul tremble..!
I know, where and how to touch you 💞
To make u moan my name in ur soul deep inside..!
I know the way to convince you,
And to design your smile along with ur soul ❤


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Rajendra Tarakar 14 DEC 2019 AT 12:26

Virgin? - Its your choice.
Non virgin? - I respect you.
Broken? - You deserve better.
Pregnant? - Enjoy your blessings.
Abortion? - You had your reason.
Miscarriage? - You are indeed a strong woman.
Frustrated? - Everything will be fine.
Single? - Someone is waiting for you.
In relationship? - Enjoy each moment.
Scars? - You are still beautiful.
Fat/skinnny? - You are really beautiful either way.

It's time to stop judging,
and start Respecting one another..!
Nobody is perfect, love your imperfections ❤

* (Read in caption) *

—Rajendra Tarakar


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