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Priyanka Shukla
26 JUL AT 13:57

बड़ी हल्की सी है लहर-ए-इश्क
दिल ये डूबे भी ना तिरे भी ना ।


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Sakshi Bansal
26 APR AT 22:55

Ek hi din me??

Ek hi din mei pad loge kya muje??
Mene khud ko likhne mei kai saal lgae hai!

Ek hi din me jaan loge kya muje??
Mene apne aap ko bnane me kai saal lgae hai!

Ek hi din me saari khushiya de doge kya muje??
Iss dil ne kai dukh uthae hai!

Ek hi din me saare jaha ka pyar de paoge kya tum??
Pyar me mar mitne ki kasme toh na jaane kitno ne khae hai!

Ek hi din me??
Kya apna bna paoge tum??



Sakshi Bansal
18 MAY AT 20:48

My love 💏
I wanna hold your hand,
Wanna fly high !
Forever with you in the sky
If there is any pain ,you be the rain
I will be your shadow
shades of rainbow ..


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Sakshi Bansal
11 MAY AT 22:31

I think of Those days,
We talk long hours,
Walk hand in hand,
street ways
Where our fate will land
And our life will end.


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Sakshi Bansal
15 JUL AT 13:32

This is me , My LOVe ,

Trying to write
about something
Other than you ,
Trying to sketch
About something
Which does not show about you,
Trying to listen
About something
Which does tell about you
Trying to go to the places
Where I can't see you .

This is me ,
Trying to convince myself
To want something
Other than you .
This is me failing,
Loosing ..


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Shivangi verma
28 MAY AT 22:51

Ishq ka koi bhi roop ab mujhe phasa nahi sakta
Tere jane k baad koi Is dil ko smjha ni sakta
Khamosh hu to ye na samjhna tujhe maaf kar diya
Nafarat hai mujhe tujhse aur Is Ishq se
Jisne mujhe Tabaah kar diya.


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Sakshi Bansal
24 APR AT 0:19

The summer nights, those Diwali lights**and the shooting stars, all broke my heart ♥️
Killed my feelings but I'm alive.
Too many fights and I cried.
Walked on street and street like sea and shore are never together.
There's a million reason why I should give u up! Now apart "u broke my heart "



Shraddha Mishra
15 APR 2017 AT 8:45

Both loved ,the love so intense !

Cared ,luved......lived each other, years long!

Their relationship but, never went confessed....neither to others ,nor them themselves !

Giggled over two kid-offsprings,
reading the third page of their
procreator’s ‛dusty,
hidden memoir’.......


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