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Aishwarya Swarup
24 MAR 2017 AT 15:00


Words said right
and letters that were left,
the aftertaste of a clove
and coffee foam on top lip,
mother's annoying habits
and last monsoon with grandma,
the last dab of dhaniya chutney
and the first empty stomach to bed,
unbuttoned shirts
and the creases
from the tight hold of a pillion
be it the lover or the little niece,
laughs that lingered longer
and the silence that followed.

These, like fireworks,
come with momentary explosions,
dazzles and aches,
giving a sense of liberation
with light, noise, smoke and confetti
making us glad that we were there,
making us glad that we stayed..



Aishwarya Swarup
11 MAR 2017 AT 19:20

Let's barter sleep.
For I missed you when you slept
without telling me your stories,
and I missed you when you slept
without tasting my cheek.
I missed the abnormal warmth
of your hands around my waist,
and I missed the concerns that made you weak.
I missed the hook of your right leg
that pulled me in your cozy blanket
and I missed your nose in my hair
that always sneaked in slowly.

I bless you with gel cool days
and I bless you with tedious warm nights,
I wish to take your anxieties
and I wish to give you a high as a calm tide.

Let's barter sleep.



Manu Pratap Singh
24 OCT 2017 AT 10:44

खाली लिफ़ाफ़े
भीतर से झांक रहे हैं,
उन्हें खाली बैठना अच्छा नहीं लगता ।
खाली वक़्त में तुम्हें
ख़त लिखा‌ करता था,
अब मुझे खाली बैठना अच्छा नहीं लगता ।



Rohan Srivastava
18 JUL 2017 AT 17:19

//missing piece//

A m ssing piece
is a p rt of con ndrum
like sn wflakes on
a chil ing morning
fre ze the air
on the pav ment
like you fre ze my
hea t with cold feelings.
Yet eve y morning
I wake up jol ed
in ant cipation
if at all y u cared to
ch nge your mind
and fill my h art
with wa mth of your touch.

- Rohan Srivastava


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Sisira Sivaraj
10 SEP AT 23:29

Weaving the thread of memories together;
Walking through the unknown lane!!
Realizing the compassion in hearts;
Forming database of secrets to decode the key of distant door!!


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Umang Bhandula
14 MAR AT 14:13

We still go
everywhere together-

long walks on the beach
cozy cafès and
late night drives

Just the two of us-
Me and the absence of you.


The absence of you.
#yqbaba #absence #cafe #longing


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