Be Like A Lion Who Roams Around Freely  And Grabs His Prey As Soon As He Senses It ...

#YQbaba #yqdidi #life #beaware #yopowrimo For The world just roam around freely searching your goal... and as soon as u know that yes this is the goal .. don't even wait fr a single second just take that moment and goal ...


Poem - You  made me the way I am today

From the day you walk into my life, 
There's  something  good about you that every time I look into your eyes. 
From that day u never turn your back against me, 
Now I see God brought  you in my life so u can prove something  to me. 
You were there  for me when I needed you, 
You never walk  out my life, 
From  the day you caught me eyes. 
You prove to me that I can accomplished  anything in life, 
That I can get through anything that gets in my way, 
Only  because  of you, 
You made me the way I am today.