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Love yourself a bit more and love each other a lot more!
Joined 1 December 2016

Love yourself a bit more and love each other a lot more!
Joined 1 December 2016
Hemashwetha KS 13 HOURS AGO

She could hear
the sound
of his voice,
when his
lips stretched
with a smile.


All you need is smile!

#yqbaba #smile #voice

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Hemashwetha KS YESTERDAY AT 19:00

The first person you think of when
you feel broken and dejected, is
where your heart actually is.


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Hemashwetha KS 7 NOV AT 0:36

Firstly, congratulations on your 200 quotes! Glad you made it up. You really are a jigsaw puzzle with zillion thoughts who is just lazy to write it down?
I appreciate the effort you put in to have a good laugh; no matter how hopeless you are.
You are a daydreamer who has got phenomenal writing skills. Soul gets engraved on your words and the content just resonates in a very peculiar way. Thank you so much for inspiring! You are the epitome of hope.


Dedicating a #testimonial to Varun Aiyappa

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Hemashwetha KS 3 NOV AT 17:17

What of those people
who wouldn't look
in the eye while talking?

The day evaporates peace
from their soul, and they
borrow light from the
sun to shine.

Never ask them how
are they feeling.
Because, a lie is all
you hear;
which is hard to digest.

But deep inside, their fingers
twitch, eyes flicker, hoping for a
sign to find love in their destiny.


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Hemashwetha KS 1 SEP AT 21:10

Priority is that beautiful autumn
garden with trees of empty branches.


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Hemashwetha KS 28 AUG AT 8:44

You always bought peace to my soul and heart. And, you to me is always like a new sky with bizarre horizons, which would offer immense delight.


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Hemashwetha KS 27 AUG AT 15:47

People change for two reasons.
Either they have found someone new, or have discovered the superior version of themselves. Well, there is nothing in between.


Don't be second somebody, be first yourself!

#YQbaba #selfworth #changeisgood

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Hemashwetha KS 21 AUG AT 12:16

that phone call you receive
at the exact moment you're
about to drive off a cliff.


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Hemashwetha KS 18 JUL AT 0:03

In musty dusks,
only the wick knows
how much the flame cries.


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Hemashwetha KS 8 MAR AT 22:02

She's mad, but there is no lie in her fire.

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