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Joined 1 December 2016
28 MAR 2018 AT 1:00

She was a child
lost in the
But, one day the
stage of reams
made her
warmer than
his presence.


21 MAR 2018 AT 22:38

They said never let go
anything waste.
So she drank the
words from the verses,
to quench her
thirst of pain.


21 MAR 2018 AT 20:34

Your smile is like those
sea waves which people watch
in the evening, and are never
tired of staring at them.


21 MAR 2018 AT 18:12

People make euphemism
when they fight with others;
and make poetry
when they fight with themselves.


20 MAR 2018 AT 1:30

The soul of my soul
breathe blessed imperfections.
And that makes me feel
more than fine.


19 MAR 2018 AT 13:35

Forever in love with nothing
but with the broken sentences,
and incomplete poems.


18 MAR 2018 AT 9:13

Some lost things are still being
chased in the deep chambers
of our heart and intriguing
labyrinths of our mind.


9 MAR 2018 AT 11:55

Her muse now her enemy.


7 MAR 2018 AT 16:40

...and may be one day
all her cuts and broken
pieces will turn as
bookmarks in her
journey of life.


6 MAR 2018 AT 15:55

The only colour which
most of us wear inside out.



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