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Joined 1 December 2016
22 AUG AT 13:32

Iike coming home every day with a new book wrapped in brown paper.


16 AUG AT 17:13

Wednesdays are like a child holding on to a box of their favorite chocolate, with the dilemma—to open or not to open, to taste one or not to.


16 AUG AT 12:52

My friends carrying themselves to the office after a long weekend.


16 AUG AT 3:19

I miss us.


11 AUG AT 2:53

My 12321 Poem

are that
song who puts
me to


9 AUG AT 13:14

a surprise call from a friend, reminding me of the upcoming long weekend this week.


17 MAY AT 15:30



28 MAR 2018 AT 1:00

She was a child
lost in the
But, one day the
stage of reams
made her
warmer than
his presence.


21 MAR 2018 AT 22:38

They said never let go
anything waste.
So she drank the
words from the verses,
to quench her
thirst of pain.


21 MAR 2018 AT 20:34

Your smile is like those
sea waves which people watch
in the evening, and are never
tired of staring at them.


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