Hemashwetha KS (@the_icon19)

Love yourself a bit more and love each other a lot more!
Hemashwetha KS 11 FEB AT 19:41

She flipped her emotions
under fiction.
And, this materialistic world
kept praising her imagination.


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Hemashwetha KS 29 JAN AT 22:05

Meet Mayank Roy, an avid reader
from the Blissful Bihar.


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Hemashwetha KS 24 JAN AT 23:37

Meet Bhaswati, from the City of Joy.


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Hemashwetha KS 22 JAN AT 11:16

It's beautiful to
see the dusts of heaven
in the warmth of
rare silenced blazing fire.


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Hemashwetha KS 14 DEC 2018 AT 0:24

Alone on a
vivid journey,
the restless
voices of
carried the
weight of
love; in hues of
romantic red and
enchanting blues.


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Hemashwetha KS 10 DEC 2018 AT 0:07

in between
your ignorance
and my half
hearted explanation;
myriads of
stories and poems
crashed on
pristine white pages;
and in vain I wonder,
to whom do
I belong?
Is it to the pages of the book?
or to the smoky memories
of the fragile heart?


Unforgiving wind flipped the pages of her diary.

#YQbaba #book #thoughts

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Hemashwetha KS 6 DEC 2018 AT 3:27

Dear YourQuote,

I get high whenever
I fall asleep in the
cradle of your love.

(Read it in the caption)


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Hemashwetha KS 6 DEC 2018 AT 0:31

The evergreen
plant of her
joy withered
in the wrath
of his voice;
by creating a


Unsaid words.

#YQbaba #anger #desert #spring

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Hemashwetha KS 6 DEC 2018 AT 0:01

Broken seashells on a
forlorn beach
were collected
to understand the
aesthetics of nature.
But, their soul lingered
amidst the tides;
and gave birth to
metaphors in
the autumn
of separation.


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Hemashwetha KS 2 DEC 2018 AT 0:50

The moon
flattered her
by showing its
brightest side;
and the stars
settled down
on her eyelashes;
only to wrap her
in the peaceful


Absolute peace!

#YQbaba #moon #stars #nighttales

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