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#kisses quotes

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Anamika Raj 22 JAN 2018 AT 15:46

If kisses didn't exist,
love would feel like
poetry without passion.


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Sonali Singh 11 NOV 2017 AT 10:03

He asked, 'Can u explain the 'taste' of your favorite food'?

She replied, 'The kiss from my father on my forehead'.


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Harsh Snehanshu 23 JAN 2017 AT 23:25

The ghosts of your kisses come back to haunt me every night.


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Aayushi Sonkar 16 AUG 2017 AT 16:17

i wished that i'll be,
a breathing memory to you
till your face in blue.
but, i'm sad being
like a faded smoke to you.
i miss you, like the sun
misses the moon in the morning sky.
as the dawn falls
the darkness creeps through my skin
and fills in the pores
leaving my flesh, wrenched.
i feel hungry.
i starve for your mouth
to feed mine with kisses.
i starve for your voice
to fill my ears with lullabies.
i starve for your hair
touching me on my chest.
i starve for your hands
touching me on my thighs.
i still remember
your alcohol stained breath,
breathing near my neck.
the sustenance
doesn't calms my hunger
and this starving sheds me
into fine broken fragments.
i'm so lost in search of your steps
since the day you left
to fill my throat again with your presence.


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Farah Soufan 10 SEP 2018 AT 0:28

Thy pleasant impassioned kisses
Function as narcotic painkillers
Hence, numbing all earthly senses
And generating absolute tranquillity


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Diwa 21 DEC 2018 AT 21:37

If kisses are merely kisses;
Then let me give you
One or two--
Or even three;
Yet, kisses aren't just kisses
And hearts may get cracked
In the process.


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Smruti Rekha Patra 6 OCT 2018 AT 22:14

Your dewy raspberry lips
drip Vermouth sonnets
filling the aura
like the smog
in a neighborhood dive;

I pull you closer
like an addict holds on to
the fag-end of cigarette,
you suck the air out of me
leaving your poison
on my swollen tongue
aching to be devoured
I'd still smoke one more.


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Janani Sree 26 MAY 2018 AT 10:38

He kissed her as if his lips were the only bay waiting to flow containing all the pearls as the love for her .


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Sourabh Acharya 9 NOV 2017 AT 22:41

Like a goddamn tiara.


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Kavipriya Moorthy 2 DEC 2017 AT 8:37

He shifted and moved closer to me.
Like he'd do, and my body reacts,
The kiss that I longed and yearned for,
I'm brushing off the thoughts about how I spent years to forget how his lips would feel against mine,
His lusty eyes traced every part of my body and so did mine,

His kiss and how I moan would make an ideal pair by itself.
The rest, is history!


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