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#illusions quotes

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SN 10 JUN 2017 AT 17:20

We live with our own illusions.


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Aditi Bahl 24 MAY 2018 AT 13:40

The horizon prevents the fusion of skyline and earth.

Cuz sometimes illusions are more hopeful than actuality.


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M Tausif Samdaani 9 JUN AT 9:36

Veeraj Rane 24 NOV 2018 AT 9:27

There are two kinds of illusions.
One - Believing that only you are the best.
Two - Believing that only you are the worst.

Don't be in any.


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Zuhal Muradi 9 JUL 2017 AT 5:38

Some nights, when I'm alone, my emotions come out to play and keep me company. They act on stage for my inner demons, the directors of the play, whose whispers can be heard from miles away. They pull me in to watch with them. Sometimes they sing for us through fireworks of light.. But it's always set in an atmosphere of thick sorrow on the bleakest of nights.

They harden my lips into a perpetual smile, steal my tears of misery and fine-tune my music box, until my screams are directed to amplify internally. Leaving me with still illusions of never dying candles in the vacant room of my heart where I'm tethered, which now feels like home.

It is on these nights, I wish I was not alone.


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meenakshi dobriyal 4 OCT 2017 AT 23:52

... "and no matter how strongly
i wrapped my arms around our love,
the illusion i created, kept fading away!"...


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Barsha Kumar 13 JUL 2017 AT 16:21

It was the
of my love,
that gave me an
that you
were filling the
empty cup
of my life,
with your
L O V E!!


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Ayushi Verma 23 JUL 2017 AT 23:39

Somewhere someone is chasing after a glimpse of you in a little big town...

Being conscious that she won't but
"Sometimes even illusions endow comfort..."


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Smiley 20 AUG AT 16:52

You were with me
even in empty streets
merely staring
at me and smiling
 it makes me feel good.


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Hemashwetha KS 26 JAN 2018 AT 20:52

When castles of love turn
into castles of illusions,
then what remains is
just the castle of memories.


The drunken haze and the melancholy.

#YQbaba #memories #illusions #hangover

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